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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

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Need for Speed «
Speed kills. Al Davis might have said that about the NFL once, and it’s hard to argue against him. Speed’s the toughest thing to control and the most difficult skill to plan against as a defense. Think Colin Kaepernick running through the Green Bay defense in the 2012 playoffs, or remember how players like James Jett managed to launch NFL careers almost entirely off their fleet feet. What other asset can get you into the league on its own? Nobody’s signing World’s Strongest Man competitors to play1 football.

Pete Carroll Preseason Press Conference
Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talks about Friday's win against the Chargers, today's practice, and linebackers Malcolm Smith and Korey Toomer coming back from injuries.

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith makes preseason practice debut; LBs getting back; LT/RT get new looks; rookie Richardson as KR? | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
The Seahawks’ linebacking unit — the core of their thudding defense — is getting back into form in time for the real season to begin.

Malcolm Smith returns as Seahawks' linebackers get healthy - Danny, Dave and Moore | 710 ESPN Seattle
The first practice after an NFL game is generally when you count up the absences as evidence of the physical toll that was taken.

The NFL Salary Cap and Super Bowl Champions, Part I
Salary cap research, at least outside of an NFL organization, is pretty much an empty field. It’s understandable as salary cap numbers were always something that would be briefly mentioned in an article about a team and were not exactly public knowledge. There were more resources when various salary cap sites doing their best to track their favorite teams began springing up. I believe Miguel’s was the first site. Ian Whetstone, who contributes to OTC from time to time, kept (and still keeps) these great word docs and spreadsheets detailing salary cap reports from various sources. And with sites such as OTC now there is more ability to do research on current trends. But historical data is still a tough subject to come by.

NFL office says Seattle Seahawks' Tharold Simon penalty was wrong - ESPN
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the league office told him the wrong call was made when cornerback Tharold Simon was flagged for illegal contact Friday night in the 41-14 victory over the San Diego Chargers.

SEATTLE: Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sees NFL self-correcting overuse of calling penalties this preseason | Seattle Seahawks |
So much for Flag Day only being a holiday in June.

Seattle Seahawks practice notes: Linebackers getting healthy | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Seattle’s practice for Monday is over. And there were two new players in pads — linebacker Malcolm Smith, last seen winning the Super Bowl MVP, and Korey Toomer.

Predicting the final 53-man roster for the Seahawks | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
As promised earlier, here’s my attempt at picking the final 53-man roster for the Seahawks. A reminder — The Seahawks will have to cut their roster to 75 on Aug. 26 and then to 53 on Aug. 30.

Malcolm Smith returns as Seahawks' linebackers get healthy - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
The first practice after an NFL game is generally when you count up the absences as evidence of the physical toll that was taken.

Seahawks' Okung, Unger and Chancellor should play Friday - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
If the third exhibition game is like a dress rehearsal for the regular season, then the Seahawks should have most of their starring cast available.

Seattle Seahawks' projected roster - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Examining the Seattle Seahawks' roster:

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll quotes: On linebackers, Christine Michael, pass rusher, returners, and more | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here is what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media following Monday’s practice at the VMAC in Renton:

Pryor trying to find spot on Seahawks roster -
With one designed rollout and sprint to the end zone, Terrelle Pryor showed why the Seattle Seahawks sacrificed a late-round draft pick to add another quarterback.

Seahawks back on the field to practice for Friday’s third exhibition, home vs. Chicago | Seahawks Insider - The News Tribune
The Seahawks are about to take the fields at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center for practice following two days off. Monday-through-Thursday workouts before Friday night’s full-on, dress-rehearsal exhibition against Chicago at CenturyLink Field.

Two linebackers return to action and other Monday Seahawks notes | - Seattle Sidelines
The Seahawks got a little deeper at linebacker Monday thanks to the return of Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith and fellow outside linebacker Korey Toomer.

Dean Blandino: NFL 'not going to change how we're calling the game' -
"The way the game's being officiated now is the way it's going to be officiated when the season begins," Blandino said. "We have to remain consistent. I knew we'd see a spike in calls when we put out these points of emphasis. But coaches adjust, and players adjust. They have to, and they know it. And we'll correct our officials when we feel they're being over-zealous with certain calls."

Jim Harbaugh: San Francisco 49ers are 'definitely off' -
The 49ers have been outscored 57-3 in two preseason games. The backup quarterbacks, including Blaine Gabbert, have been a problem, but the whole team has been shaky, according to Jim Harbaugh.

Monday Morning MD | National Football Post
The NFL’s eye in the sky is always watching.

NFP rookie report | National Football Post
Diving into the weekend’s action to break down three rookie performances.

Levi's Stadium, San Francisco 49ers' new home, debuts in NFL preseason | The MMQB with Peter King
The 49ers debut their new digs, and establish a new standard in the NFL. Plus, Blake Bortles makes things difficult in Jacksonville, a look inside the growing penalty problem and more notes from Week 2 of the preseason

First Down/Fourth Down: Bridgewater impresses in Vikings comeback |
The NFL preseason is prime time for overreactions and nitpicky analysis. Yet there is still plenty to be learned from finally seeing teams in game situations, even if the finished products will not be on display until the regular season arrives next month.

Predictions: Is it Too Early to Get Excited (Or Worried) About Rookie QBs? —
The preseason is meaningless, right? Well, as it turns out, it might give us a window into quarterback development, despite what you might think. The threshold for whether the preseason is useful is whether including that information tells us anything about a quarterback’s potential that we don’t already know from his draft position (or perhaps certain analytics). I have been putting together data from preseason box scores going back to 1997. The data show that, for some quarterbacks, the preseason is not quite meaningless.

Remembering the lessons learned as an NFL ball boy. | : Dan Pompei Article
Being a ball boy is a glamorous job. You get to watch football heroes up close, and then hang with them in the locker room. Some of them know your name. You are allowed to go behind the curtain, and get a rare glimpse of how a team really operates. You actually are part of a group effort, and you share in the rewards.

Get your story straight on key NFL season plotlines. | : Mike Tanier Article
Let's warm up with a Preseason Quarterback Prospect Pessimism Index. The scale goes from 0 to 5, with 0 representing a complete lack of pessimism, which happier and more fulfilled people call "optimism." Five represents a feeling akin to endorsing Blaine Gabbert for Secretary of State. Negativity sells on the Internet!

Thiel: Undrafted Coyle another Seahawks find | Sportspress Northwest
The rookie linebacker from Montana started two preseason games in place of injured Bobby Wagner. Pete Carroll said he wouldn’t be worried if Coyle opened the regular season.

Darnell Dockett injury: Cardinals DT to miss the season with torn ACL - Revenge of the Birds
The veteran defensive lineman was carted off the practice field Monday afternoon and will miss the year.

D.J. Fluker 'can't wait' to play Seattle again |
There is no getting around it. Last Friday was a challenge for D.J. Fluker.

Chargers find it tough to defend champs |
It is unclear at this point if it was regression or a relapse or a rerun.