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LB Horace Miller, DT Michael Brooks and WR David Gilreath clear waivers, revert to Seahawks' injured reserve list

Kevin C. Cox

The three players that the Seahawks waived/injured yesterday as part of the 75-man roster cutdowns -- DT Michael Brooks, LB Horace Miller, and WR David Gilreath -- have all cleared waivers and revert to the Seattle injured reserve list.

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The three can stay on the IR all season if the injuries are severe enough, or can take injury settlements from the team, become free agents, and have the shot to play again this season when healthy enough.

Horace Miller in particular tweeted out an allusion to this scenario yesterday.

For Michael Brooks, who had looked pretty good in Preseason Week One but then missed games two and three, Pete Carroll had mentioned that a knee surgery was in order, so he might not have the time to make it back this season. We'll see.