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Seahawks Practice Squad tracker

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

As I wrote yesterday in a primer on the new NFL Practice Squad rules, each team is now allowed a maximum of ten players for that group, an increase of two over the long-standing standard of eight.


The rules for the additional two players have changed as well. The extra two players can have up to 32 games on an active roster over their first two seasons while remaining eligible for the practice squad, meaning essentially any 2012 or 2013 rookies now become eligible. As for the other eight spots on the practice squad, those players are under the old eligibility rule which allows for no more than eight games on an active NFL roster. Another new rule gives teams a little more leniency in terms of eligibility, noting that if a player spends less than six games of the season on a team's practice squad, it doesn't count against their total practice squad seasons.

Teams can begin assembling their practice squads today (Sunday) at 9 AM PT, which is when the waiver period ends following roster cutdowns. The formation of the squads can be a somewhat fluid process sort of akin to the signing of undrafted free agents after the Draft ends; the Seahawks announced their practice squad on the Monday following cutdowns last year, so perhaps that will happen again this year, but I'd expect rumored signings will come in throughout today.


Last year's initial practice squad was made up of DT Michael Brooks, TE Cooper Helfet, DE Ty Powell, OL Ryan Seymour, S/CB DeShawn Shead, DT Sealver Siliga, C Jared Smith & WR Bryan Walters. Amazingly, Helfet and Shead both made the active roster this year, and Brooks and Walters were both very close to doing so as well (Brooks is on the IR now). Powell just made the roster in Buffalo and Siliga made the roster in New England. Seymour was cut in San Francisco and Smith is a free agent after the Hawks waived/injured him. Walters will probably get picked up by someone with return needs.

If I had to guess at the group of ten that will end up on the Seahawk practice squad this year, I'd throw these names out there -- (with the obvious caveat that some of these players will end up on 53-man rosters after being claimed on waivers, and that Seattle may a few free agents over from other teams' cuts):

1 QB B.J. Daniels 5'11, 217
2 WR Chris Matthews 6'5, 218
3 C/G Patrick Lewis 6'1, 311
4 TE Morrell Presley 6'3, 225
5 RB Demitrius Bronson 5'10, 212
6 LEO/DE Benson Mayowa 6'3, 267
7 NT Andru Pulu 6'1, 322
8 SS Terrance Parks 6'2, 218
9 LEO/LB Korey Toomer 6'2, 244
10 3T/5T Jimmy Staten 6'4,304


RB Spencer Ware 5'10, 225
OG Nate Isles 6'5, 348 
TE Rashaun Allen 6'5, 250
NB Akeem Auguste 5'10, 185


I'll be away for wedding festivities all day so let's use this thread as a place to keep track of what's happening. Go ahead and comment below if you're seeing any moves being made.


If those are the only two players to get claimed, could mean Seattle can put together a pretty good practice squad of their own players.