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Seahawks 2014 practice squad

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The initial 8 names of the 10-man practice squad for the Seattle Seahawks' 2014 season.

Returning practice squad QB, BJ Daniels
Returning practice squad QB, BJ Daniels
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

(Of course the news breaks while I'm in the middle of my fantasy draft! Sorry.)

The first player to self-announce he had made the squad was 5th round pick, DT Jimmy Staten:

Big WR  from the CFL Chris Matthews:

TE RaShaun Allen

OL Nate Isles

RB Demitrius Bronson (makes it over Spencer Ware)

QB BJ Daniels (and it's great to have him back!)

DB Terrance Parks

S Steven Terrell

And this guy almost made the squad (jokes):

There will be two more additions soon. Either signees from other teams, or players that have to go through the new PS CBA rules for exemptions (don't hold me to this being the correct language).