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Fantasy Football 2014: Fantasy relevance of Seahawks players heading into Week 1

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For what its worth, this is a an analysis of Week 4 of the NFL preseason. A time where nearly all teams are either completely resting their starters, only allowing them to play a few snaps, or at most a single series. This was the last in-game look coaches and owners would get to decide who makes the final roster.

Much like these coaches, this is my last chance to put my fantasy value spin on each of these guys before we go live Sept 4th. With all this said, this week (different from last) will primarily focus on players I deem to have "tangible" fantasy football relevance in 12 team leagues, 14 team leagues or dynasty leagues, so don't bite my head off if this article ends up shorter than Verne Troyer when he doesn't have enough change for the bus.

Here we go.


Russell WIlson: Played as expected just the opening series and completed 3 passes for 77 yards and one TD (to Luke Willson). I've been really bullish on Russell Wilson this year and it has ZERO to do with being a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. His growth is apparent and so is the growth of the team around him. He is without question a Top-10 fantasy QB this year and I've even heard some expert rumblings about his potential to breach into the seasons end top 3-5. With an ADP (average draft position) of 10.08 he seems like an extremely solid bet to obliterate his estimated value.

(77 yards, 1 TD = 9.08 Total Points)


Robert Turbin: A limited, yet not so efficient night for Robert as he finished with 4 carries for just 11 yards (2.75 YPC). As it stands currently the Seahawks depth chart shows Turbin as the teams number 2 back behind Marshawn Lynch. The consensus around the fantasy football world; however, is significantly different.

The expert belief is that the true running back to emerge ahead for the back up duty will be Christine Michael; I myself believe this also. Is it a debate of talent? Not at all, I think the problem here was summed up best by two recent quotes from Tom Cable about Michael, "It's just being able to put a good play together and then a good one the next time and the next time.", "When that becomes his habit, then he owns it, right now, he doesn't own it" (source: Seattle times).

Plain and simple, I firmly believe at some point he will "own it". Regardless, until then I don't want either of them in a redraft format unless Marshawn Lynch was to get injured (god forbid). They are best suited as dynasty prospects that have far more appeal in 2015, and even then I still prefer Michael.

(11 Rush Yards, 0 Catches = 1.1 Total PPR Points/ 1.1 Standard Points)


Jermaine Kearse: We talked about it last week, he's got the size and ability to hurt you vertically as well as from an intermediate range. The biggest wide receiver threat in Seattle and a growing nack for making big plays. On Thursday, he caught 1 pass and took it 44 yards on just one target. I stand by my not so bold prediction (in my opinion) when I said he could "lead all Seahawks in touchdowns in 2014". Possibly worth a stash in 12 team redraft league with deeper benches, definitely on the radar in 14 team redraft or dynasty leagues.

(1 Catch, 44 Yards = 5.4 Total PPR Points/ 4.4 Standard Points)

Paul Richardson: A very capable go-to receiver. On Thursday, he looked far more poised than his rookie tag would lead you to believe. One catch in particular by Richardsons came with 50 seconds left in the first half when he made a spectacular grab keeping both toes barely in bounds and maintaining control to net Seattle a first down.

His fantasy relevance is much like the Seattle running back situation, directly tied to the health of the player(a) who are in front of him on the depth chart (Percy Harvin, Ricardo Lockette). Percy is often injured, which means there may be a role for Richardson sooner than later and as much of a capable WR as Lockette is I think there is no denying the dynamic play making abilities of Richardson.

I like him alot more in PPR formats than I do Standard. Hes a DEEP stash in 12 team redraft leagues, worth a flier in 14 team leagues, and squarely on the radar in dynasty formats.

(2 Catches, 16 Yards = 3.6 Total PPR Points/1.6 Standard Point)


Luke Willson: As previously stated, the more desirable half of the TE duo here in Seattle. With a rangy, athletic frame Willson is an ideal passing target, especially inside the red-zone. On Thursday, he had 1 catch for 25 yards and a TD vs the Oakland first team defense.

A great sign, but overall nothing to write home about. On the flip side it is nice to see Luke Willson has a nose for finding pay-dirt. There hasn't been a decent fantasy tight end in Seattle for quite some time and unfortunately I don't see that changing in 2014. At best it would be a gamble to draft either of these Seattle tight ends and expect anything more than the occasional TD. For perspective, I don't have Miller or Willson inside my Top-25 personal TE's rankings. It would take a serious change of Seattle style to make either of these guys fantasy relevant in 2014.

(1 Catch, 25 Yards, TD = 9.5 Total PPR Points/ 8.5 Standard Points)


Seattle Defense/Special Teams: I shouldnt even bother here, even while every player that is anybody was watching Derek Carr carving up the Seattle secondary like Guy Fieri on Thanksgiving day. Going into the 2014 season the Seattle DST is ranked #1 and no matter what the brother of David Carr did will change that ranking.

Draft or start them with confidence and expect the usual smash mouth, smothering game plan they always roll out. The real difference this year with the Seattle DST is perhaps permanent additon of Earl Thomas to the punt return team and a healthy Percy Harvin handling the kick returns. Most leagues offer 1 point for every 40 return yards, and 6 points per TD, so there is alot to love about the package this DST provides.

(1 Sack, 1 INT (for 54 yards), 116 Punt/Kick Return Yards, 35 Points Allowed = 4.45 Points)

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