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Seahawks injury report: Seattle escapes with no major injuries

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks lost a tough game in San Diego on Sunday, but one silver lining was that the team, particularly the defense, which was on the field for 40-plus minutes in 100-plus degree heat, escaped relatively healthy. On a day where Robert Griffin III, Desean Jackson, A.J. Green, Gerald McCoy, Knowshon Moreno, Charles Tillman, Jon Beason, Ryan Mathews, Tavon Austin, Allen Hurns and Vernon Davis were all lost to potentially serious injuries and Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, Jason McCourty, Chris Conte and a multitude of others were knocked out of games, it feels like Seattle dodged a bullet. After one of the worst weeks in memory for the NFL in terms of player personal conduct and commissioner and team bungling of punishments, the injury list was extensive and depressing for many around the league.

Nonetheless, Pete Carroll mentioned in his post game press conference that there weren't any new injuries for the team, despite a few scares during the game when each of Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Byron Maxwell left for short times to get hydrated. Earl's departure was probably the most terrifying, as he left on a cart and went to the locker room after hobbling off the field. He was only cramping though, to everyone's collective sigh of relief, and returned shortly thereafter to the game.

The heat was legitimately dangerous, though, and Assistant Offensive Line Coach Pat Ruel was taken to the hospital overnight because of an irregular heartbeat, but was seen smiling and shaking hands as he was wheeled out of the stadium. I haven't seen an update on his progress but hopefully it was just the effects of the heat and nothing more serious.