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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman Wednesday press conferences

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman talked to the media today.

From Pete Carroll:

- Seahawks and Broncos now very familiar with each other because of Super Bowl and preseason matchup. "Try and figure out the chess game here."
- Denver has added a couple of guys, but their style of play seems the same. They've got Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware now. Gotta handle their pass rush, and that's a huge deal for them. 
- On Sherman giving up completions: "That's totally normal. That's going to happen." 
- Broncos' tempo, their style of offense, the intricacies of their route concepts are impeccable. They're running the ball too. They started fast the first two games, and Seattle will have to tackle real well, cover real well, and rush the passer. 
- Demeanor for Seahawks is "serious, really serious." They want to play really good football. Carroll is sure he'll see the preparation. 
- Seahawks didn't feel that they played they way they can vs. Chargers, particularly on third downs. Anxious to bounce back, but it just happens to be Peyton Manning and the Broncos, so it's going to be hard. 
- On Marcus Burley: So much depth of how they teach things at cornerback -- tons of background stuff that Marcus has to scramble to catch up on. A lot to crunch in there. Really quick, really tough, but still a lot of stuff to teach him. 
- On Julius Thomas: they line him up and use him just like a receiver. They use him beautifully.
- Broncos as a whole really know how to utilize their talent. 
- Fundamentals were poor in San Diego game. Couple of the guys didn't play much in preseason so they're catching up. 
- Robert Turbin is the best he's been. Worked really hard, maximized opportunities -- great example of that was the two-minute drive at the end of the half on Sunday. Can totally depend on him. 
- Christine Michael will be practicing full-speed today; Kevin Pierre-Louis and Cooper Helfet also all back to full speed (monitored reps). "We'll find out" what kind of role Michael will play. The team is "very excited" about his playmaking ability. 
- Jack Del Rio, like Carroll, likes to utilize his base defense.

From Richard Sherman:

- Sherman addresses idea that he declined to talk to the media
- Sherman talks about how Keenan Allen called him out, said sometimes you have to say crazy things to make the paper.