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Fantasy Football 2014: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch shine in Seahawks' thriller over the Broncos

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In a rematch of last seasons Super Bowl, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos brought their talents to CenturyLink field. The results? an overtime thriller in which Russell Wilson lead his team 80 yards down the field to finally send Peyton & the Denver Broncos packing with a Marshawn Lynch rushing touchdown to seal the deal.

So let's get down to business.


Russell Wilson - I'll continue to stand by Russell, because I wholeheartedly believe his abilities are grossly underrated in not only the real world of NFL football, but in the fantasy football world as well. Anyways, Wilson's first points of the game came on one of the trickier plays in the Seahawks playbook, where he reeled in a 17 yard catch on a flea flicker from Jermaine Kearse out of the backfield, a nice little boost to pad his PPR stats. After dealing with less time in the pocket than a teenagers cell phone from a heavy Denver pass rush, Wilson found Ricardo Lockette in the corner of the endzone for a 39 year old dime of a pass for a touchdown.

Later in the same quarter (2nd), Russell worked his usual small game and made his way to the Denver 5 yard line where he found Marshawn Lynch for an easy touchdown pass to end the first half. After many punts, it was early in the fourth before Russell attempted to squeeze a pass into tight coverage to Percy Harvin only to have it tipped by Aqib Talib and intercepted by the Denver Defense -- Wilson's first INT of the 2014 season.

A game that saw an overtime drive from Russell and the Hawks ended with Wilson working the ball 80 yards down the field with his arms and legs to finally end the Broncos with a Lynch rushing touchdown. Wilson will now take a week to re-group and lube up his laser beam accuracy for the pitiful Redskins secondary after the bye.

(258 Pass Yards, 2 Pass TDs, 1 INT, 40 Rush Yards, 1 Rec, 17 Rec Yards = 25.3 Standard Points/28 PPR Points)


Marshawn Lynch - The Beast was stuffed three times in a row on the 1 yard line to start the game, but found his stride soon after. As we've said before, in this offense, Marshawn Lynch is a weekly RB1, without argument. Even versus an overhauled Denver defense, Marshawn found ways to power through holes and keep the offense moving forward.

Scoring for the first time in the game, Lynch hauled in a 5 yard pass from Russell Wilson to score easily in the red zone. I wouldn't bank on a lot of pass catching from Marshawn, but, this was a great example of how his abilities can be utilized near the endzone. Lynch spent most of the game grinding for yards as he finished with an average YPC of 3.38, so it wasn't like it was a cake outing by any means.

What was a pleasant surprise would be the 5 targets and 3 catches for 40 yards that Lynch provided today. Thats now consecutive games where he has seen 4 or more targets which he has converted 7 of into catches, this for Lynch owners is just icing on the cake since most people didn't expect much in the receiving game from him whatsoever. The real icing on the cake for Lynch however would be his overtime rushing touchdown which pushed his PPR fantasy score over the 27 point mark to end the day for Marshawn. He will have a week to rest as Seattle enters a week 4 bye week. He's locked and loaded as a high end RB1 vs the Washington Redskins in week 5.

(88 Rush Yards, 1 Rush TD, 3 Rec, 40 Rec Yards, 1 Rec TD = 20.8 Standard Points/ 27.8 PPR Points)

Robert Turbin - Very much a non factor today, and I dont expect him to be anything of value to anyone unless there is a significant injury to Lynch. In such a close game, its no surprise Lynch stayed on the field as much as he did, also lets not forget the horrid pass blocking attempt Turbin put on today that resulted in a Russell Wilson sack. Theres nothing to talk about here.

(1 Rush Yard, 1 Rec, 4 Rec Yards = .5 Standard Points/1.5 PPR Points)


Percy Harvin - Outside of Marshawn Lynch, this is the only other player on the Seattle offense that you can start from week to week without hesitation. This game may not have been a great example of what hes capable of, but his usage in the Seattle offense is through the roof and you just cannot bench upside like his. Percy found a lot of first half opportunities, but didn't make a ton out of them as Russell leaned on him several times while rolling out of the pocket.

Percy ended the first half with a pedestrian 3 catches for 20 yards on 4 targets. Finishing the game without a score, Percy ended with a stat line of: 9 Targets, 7 catches, and  42 receiving yards.  He is a weekly high end WR2 with high end WR1 upside in PPR formats. Today even in PPR scoring he left something to be desired, a lot of it has to do with the game flow and 37 Seattle rushing attempts which Harvin surprisingly saw none of.

Ricardo Lockette - He seems to have a knack for making big plays when needed and his touchdown reception in the second quarter was no exception. It was a hell of a toss by Russell and a great catch by Ricardo in the end zone for a 39 yard TD. He's a much better real life option than fantasy football prospect, and thats the truth of the matter. His output is way too unpredictable and his opportunities are too far and few to be considered anything of fantasy use. If you're a Seahawks fan then you appreciate his ability, and if you're a fantasy football player you probably don't even know who he is.

(1 Rec, 39 Rec Yards, 1 Rec TD = 9.9 Standard Points/10.9 PPR Points)

Doug Baldwin - Here is the guy that we have all be waiting to see. A player who has found some room opposite the dynamic playmaker Percy Harvin. Doug is a gritty receiver and he showed it in the first half as he reeled in 4 catches on 4 targets for 56 yards. He's going to continue to be a risky WR4/5 PPR option in a run first offense. With that said, outside of 14 team leagues until I see the consistency he is too risky for my blood unless you're absolutely desperate for a WR to stream. His second half resulted in just one more target his way and no other stats to report.

(4 Rec, 56 Rec Yards = 5.6 Standard/10.6 PPR Points)

Jermaine Kearse - One of my favorite players on the Hawks, but just like every other wide receiver outside of Percy you just can't bank on fantasy production and this game is no different. Seeing just 2 targets won't get it done. His highlight was an almost cheerleader pyramid looking tackle attempt as 4 broncos raised him into the air & carried him like an Egyptian Pharaoh out of bounds. If you started him today, the closest he came to actual royalty was a prince of thieves to your fantasy bottom line.

(2 Rec, 22 Yards = 2 Standard Points/4.4 PPR Points)

Bryan Walters - Who? All I will say is that Walters saw as many targets as Doug Baldwin tonight. *throws hands up*

(2 Rec, 22 Rec Yards = 2.2 Standard Points/4.4 PPR Points)

Paul Richardson -  Not fantasy relevant yet. Richardson saw just a single target tonight in which he did not help himself as he needed 10 yards for the first down and he ran his hitch route a few yards short, forcing a punting situation from the Seahawks. He's unstartable in league with less than 750 teams.

(1 Rec, 7 yards = .7 Standard Points/1.7 PPR Points)

Zach Miller - He caught both the passes thrown his way this afternoon and thats all she wrote. He isn't and wasn't ever fantasy relevant, stay tuned for the day he is (don't hold your breath).

(2 Rec, 12 Rec Yards = 1.2 Standard Points/3.2 PPR Points)

Derrick Coleman - Ugh. The day a fullback is fantasy worthy on the Seahawks is the day I don a Colin Kaepernick XXXXL jersey.

(1 Rec, 14 Yards = 1.4 Standard Points/2.4 PPR Points)


Steven Hauschka - It was a pretty standard outing for Steven, aside from his shank. His first field goal of the day came as a result of multiple stuffed attempts by Marshawn Lynch from just a yard or two out. He went 2 for 3 from field goal range and 2-2 on XP tries.

(2 FGs, 2 XP's = 8 Points)


Seattle Seahawks Defense/Special Teams - Starting the game off right at home the Seattle defense forced a fumble from the first year starter Montee Ball and from there the defense stayed stingy. The Seattle defense forced Manning and the Broncos to punt 8 times Sunday afternoon as they made it near impossible to move the ball. On a 3rd down pass by Manning a crashing Kam Chancellor made a stupendous interception to once again put possession in the hands of the Seahawks. They managed to hold the supercharged Denver offense to just 20 total points and secure the win at home as the Seattle DST did moderately by fantasy respects.

(1 Sack, 1 INT, 1 Fumble Recovery, 49 Return Yards, 20 Points Allowed = 7.23 Points)


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