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Fridays at the Whiteboard: Combination routes

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today I break down two touchdowns from October 29th 1984 - two of three recorded by Steve Largent in a 24-0 win against the San Diego Chargers on Monday night football.

A few notes:

#80 (Of course) Steve Largent

#81 is Daryl Turner

#87 Charle Young

#89 Byron Walker

#33  Dan Doornink

#17 Dave Krieg

-Largent's 11 yard catch is his first reception of the game and results in a touchdown. The 5th cconsecutive game which this was the case. (He was a rrue redzone threat).

-Daryl Turner had just 15 catches on the season heading into this game, but 5 touchdowns.

-Steve Largent and Daryl Turner would combine to record 22 of Dave Krieg's 32 TDs in 1984

-Corrections The LG is #65 Edwin Bailey and the Center should be #59 not 51 apologies I was using grainy TV footage and should have just pulled the roster up.


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