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The Seahawks Pregame Insomnia Podcast: Pilot

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In this pilot of a new weekly podcast, Dyanna and I discuss many topics. As the title implies, we want to be that last little taste before gameday, you're havin' a little trouble settling in, let us take you into the night.

First Segment: "The NFL Double Take" in this segment which will feature two major topics affecting the league and it's future or perhaps uplifting football news from outside the Seattle market. This week we discuss the new NFL drug policy and in our second topic tackle the NFL future in Los Angeles

Second Segment: "Outside The five" - Dyanna and I select five games outside the NFC West that we are watching and pick who wins and why

Commercial break: In this we will be promoting Seahawk centric swag or things to check out. This week it's "Notes From A 12th Man" by Mark Tye Turner.

Third Segment: We tackle Seattle's next opponent the Washington Franchise

Final Segment: "The State Of The West" in this segment we tackle the NFC West and look at the state of each team after their games the week prior.

The full podcast runs about 66 minutes

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Suggestions, thoughts and comments welcome.