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Fantasy Football 2014: Breaking down the Seahawks' production in Week 1

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Otto Greule Jr

The story of this game for the Seahawks was an efficient outing from Russell Wilson, a muffed Earl Thomas punt return, the time of possession (33:20 - 26:40), Percy Harvin, a borderline "take what we want" run game, fantasy irrelevant people scoring TD's, and Percy Harvin.

So with a big week one win in the books, lets take a look at what went down and crunch some digits.


Russell Wilson

From a fantasy standpoint, he played pretty similar to most people's expectations of him. As predicted, Seattle's run game definitely dictated the opportunities that Russell was given to make plays with the ball in his hands. He went an under the radar 19-of-28 for 191 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, and 29 rushing yards.

Wilson's first TD was a beautiful read option pop pass that he just lofted over the top of a crashing cornerback to Ricardo Lockette for a 33 yard paydirt. His second came late in the 4th quarter on a 4th and 1 call, where similar to his first touchdown, he found a wide open Derrick Coleman standing to the outside for a 15 yard catch and score.

Well, from a fantasy perspective it's nights like this that Russell HAS TO put up two touchdowns to maintain his QB1 status, because in this high volume rushing offense he's going to be starved for significant passing opportunities. Sorry guys, this just isn't Detroit. Regardless of all that, Russell Wilson has the ability to post monster numbers, but expectation of it from week to week may be a pipe dream, consider that last minute touchdown your one get out of jail free card.

(Standard/PPR = 22.84 Points)


Marshawn Lynch

An absolutely dominating performance from a running back that by all accounts "won't be in Seattle" for the 2015 season. Ripping off yards in chunks Thursday night, Lynch was his usual self as he toted the rock 20 times for 110 yards (5.5 YPC) and two scores, plus 1 catch for 14 yards. Hes a Must-Start RB1 everyday of the week, but by PPR standards he will forever be a slight headache, because as amazing as Lynch is with the ball in his hands while running he's equally that disappointing as an almost non-factor in the pass game. With Percy being used like we saw thursday night and Russell exploiting holes when they open up you can expect Lynch to be a weekly high-end RB1.

(Standard 24.4 Points/PPR = 25.4 Points)

Robert Turbin

An efficient effort as a change of pace/back up running back. He had 5 carries for 23 yards (4.6 YPC) and only spelled Lynch when necessary. Nothing major to report here and I wouldn't expect there to be when Lynch runs like he did.

(Standard/PPR = 2.3 Points)

Derrick Coleman

What? If that wasn't the "freebiest" fantasy points in the history universe then I have no idea what it was. If you had Coleman in your lineup tonight you either deserve my job or are playing in the deepest league ever designed. If I dont bank with Wells Fargo then you can bet on the fact that I wont bank with Derrick Coleman either. Dont expect this production on a predictable level ever again.

(Standard = 7.5 Points/PPR = 8.5 Points)


Percy Harvin

What else can you really say? If you weren't aware of Percy's abilities back when he played for the Minnesota Vikings, or you missed his unbelievable contributions in the Super Bowl, then I really hope you got a glimmer of all the ways he can hurt you tonight vs Green Bay. Percy lined up just about everywhere you can put a player, and he was uber successful from all locations.

As a running back he had 4 carries for 41 yards (10.3 YPC), where he absolutely demolished Green Bay via the jet sweep all night long. It was no different in the passing game either as Harvin hauled in all 7 of his targets for 59 yards. As dynamic as advertised and all that was really missing would be a score from him. In this offense you can bet on Percy being a weekly high end WR1, the guy just looked borderline impossible to get a read on. Also for those of you who have kick return yards I'll add Percys 3 returns for 60 yards at the end as well.

(Standard = 10 Points/PPR = 17 Points - [Kick Return = 1.7 Points])

Doug Baldwin

Probably a byproduct of a heavy run game and an incredible amount of Percy Harvin usage, but Doug was almost totally non-existent tonight. We can all agree vs Green Bay he had a better REAL LIFE football game then FANTASY football game. With a meager 3 catches for 14 yards on just 5 targets its hard to be pleased with his performance, especially if you are an owner who started him. If tonight was any indication of what is to come in 2014 then It could be an extremely scarce and fantasy boom-or-bust year for the gritty Baldwin. The 5 targets were encouraging, but he will be an extremely tough start from week to week with a healthy Percy Harvin in this line up.

(Standard = 1.4 Points/PPR = 4.4 Points)

Ricardo Lockette

Another guy whom if you removed his early touchdown from tonight would have disappointed as well. Alas that is not the case, Ricardo had 2 catches for 38 yards on 3 targets and one filthy touchdown that he tore off for 33 yards to the end zone. Fantasy analysis here? There is just no way you can bank on this kind of production from game to game. In my opinion he had the game that I expected Jermaine Kearse to have had, so this fantasy output was a total surprise to me. As we say in the industry about guys like Ricardo scoring touchdowns, #ATouchdownThatHelpsNobody.

(Standard = 9.3 Points/PPR = 11.3 Points)
Jermaine Kearse

Paging Jermaine Kearse... This will be a quick run down: 3 targets, 1 catch, 8 yards, and a sad face on this guy. I had high hopes for Jermaine Kearse and I think like most of the other receivers on this team he's going to be a rough option on a weekly basis. You may at this moment put him in your weekly line up with the utmost caution until some sort of significant injury occurs.

(Standard = .8 Points/PPR = 1.8 Points)


Zach Miller

Started the night off with a catch over Clay Matthews that he pulled in with a single hand, it was just a thing of beauty. Now I know I've talked awful about this guy before from a fantasy perspective and sadly nothing I saw tonight has changed that for me. A better real life player than fantasy option, Zach Miller posted a 3 catch for 42 yard night. This usage is better than I had initially expected but it still puts him outside of any sort of fantasy relevance as it stands right now. In addition to all that he absolutely killed Percy Harvin with a holding call that brought back a 20 yard jet sweep. Tisk Tisk, Zachary.

(Standard = 4.2 Points/PPR = 7.2 Points)

Luke Willson

Almost as frustrating for fantasy owners as it is fantasy writers as they rack their brain thinking, "Is his last name the one with 2 L's or one?". I thought Jermaine Kearse played disappointing until I checked the box score and realized that Luke was actually on the field tonight. As we've said before, I like Willson more tnan Miller but I don't want either of these guys on my fantasy team.

(Standard = .1/PPR = 1.1)


Seattle Seahawks

Special teams wasn't so special tonight either, especially if you count the muffed punt return opportunity by Earl Thomas. I hope they're cutting the funding to that experiment. Heres how it all went down: 16 points allowed, 63 total return yards, 3 sacks, 1 interception and a huge safety. This seemed like a pretty stock and standard Seahawks defensive effort. Seeing as how this is just Week 1 and Green Bay is no slouch (obviously) when it comes to offensive prowess, I have to say I was pleased with the results and expect even better numbers in the future from this stout DST.

(Standadr/PPR = 9.58 Points)