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Seahawks vs Packers Final Score: Seahawks rally for miraculous comeback to beat Packers 28-22 in OT, clinch trip to Super Bowl XLIX

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Do you believe in miracles?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In an effort to spark a last-ditch comeback, I began writing the start of this article as if the game had ended like it looked like it was going to with five minutes to play. Russell Wilson had just thrown his fourth interception of the day, the Packers had the ball up by 12 points with five minutes to play. Fans began to leave the stadium. The white flag had been raised by just about everyone.

But then, there was hope. Yard by yard, play by play, the Seahawks found a way to come back, eventually winning the game in overtime as Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for the game-winning 35-yard touchdown pass, one that will go down in Seattle sports history as one of the greatest single moments ever.

We could go through the stats, we could go through what went wrong. But at the end of the day, numbers are irrelevant, because the Seattle Seahawks found a way to win and are going to the Super Bowl for the second straight year.

This will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history, so let's get right into all the fun.

1st Quarter

On the game's opening drive, the Seahawks were flagged three times (the penalty was declined once), including a neutral zone infraction against Michael Bennett on the third play of the game when it was 3rd and 7 for the Packers. Rodgers drove the Packers down the field enough to take a shot at the end zone, but Richard Sherman was ready. After not throwing towards Sherman's side of the field during their Week 1 matchup, Rodgers decided to test him. Spoiler alert: It didn't end well for Rodgers. The interception, Sherman's second of the postseason, came at almost the exact same spot as his tipped pass in last year's NFC title game against the 49ers.

The Packers would wind up in better shape than they started when Russell Wilson threw an interception on the second play of Seattle's drive. Wilson's pass hit Jermaine Kearse right in the hands, but Kearse wasn't able to come up with it as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (yes, that is actually his name) picked off the pass and returned it all the way down to Seattle's 4-yard line. An un-sportsman like penalty would move the ball back 15 yards, which Green Bay would get back on their first play of the new drive with a pass to Richard Rodgers.

Seattle's goal line defense would come up huge after a fullback dive up the middle by John Kuhn, initially ruled a touchdown, was called back. On the ensuing play, Malcom Smith and Bruce Irvin would stuff Eddie Lacy short of the goal line, forcing Mike McCarthy to send on the field goal unit.

On the ensuing kickoff, Seattle once again turned the ball over as Doug Baldwin coughed up the ball. Midway through the first quarter, and the Seahawks had held the ball for all of 54 seconds.

Fortunately, Seattle's red zone defense came up huge again, forcing the Packers to kick another field goal. Considering how the game started for the Seahawks, it was a miracle they were only down 6-0 at this point.

Seattle's first "complete" offensive drive wasn't much to write home about. The Seahawks would go 3-and-out after Russell Wilson was sacked by Julius Peppers. To say it was a sloppy start for the Seahawks was an understatement.

The Packers would finally find the end zone on the final play of the quarter as Randall Cobb was left wide open for the touchdown to give Green Bay a 13-0 lead, capping off a quarter completely dominated by the Packers.

2nd Quarter

The 2nd quarter wouldn't start any better for the Seahawks, who went 3-and-out yet again. Suddenly, Russell Wilson's masterful performance on 3rd downs from last week seemed like nothing but a distant memory.

When Seattle came up with a huge stop on 3rd and 13 in a spot on the field that was out of field goal range with the wind, Cliff Avril was hit with a hands-to-the-face flag, which for some reason is an automatic first down. The Packers would have to once again settle for a field goal, but with the way Seattle's offense looked at this point, that was all they needed. But hey, it could be worse, right?

On the drive, Earl Thomas suffered a shoulder injury and his return was questionable. Trainers were attempting to get Thomas off to the locker room, but he refused to go, understandably so. Thomas would come back in the second half and lower a huge hit on Lacy, literally forcing him to take a seat on the bench.

Things went from bad to worse as Ha Ha Clinton Dix came up with his second interception as Russell Wilson tried to hit Jermaine Kearse with a deep pass. Fortunately, Byron Maxwell stepped up to pick off Rodgers and get the Seahawks the ball right back.

On Seattle's ensuing drive, they would finally convert on 3rd down as Lynch broke free for his biggest run of the day to that point, a 14-yard gain. Before that run, the Seahawks had just 19 yards of offense as a team. Wilson finally got his first completion of the day at a timely moment on 3rd and 7, hitting Ricardo Lockette on the curl route. But on Seattle's next 3rd down, Russell Wilson threw his third interception of the half while trying to hit Jermaine Kearse in the front corner of the end zone. At this point, Wilson had thrown more interceptions (3) than completions (1).

3rd Quarter

Seattle wound start the second half by handing it off to Marshawn Lynch three straight times, resulting in yet another 3-and-out. It seemed as if all faith had been lost in Russell Wilson, a scary and unfamiliar place for the Seahawks to be.

After forcing a punt, the Seahawks showed some life on offense. Wilson started to complete some passes, the Beast was getting stronger. But right after a big 12-yard gain, the Seahawks were hit with a false start, followed by a massive loss on a sack by Clay Matthews. Just like that, it went from 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 39 to 2nd and 30 at the Seattle 41. Then, after having all day (maybe two days) in the pocket, Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a 29-yard gain on 3rd and 19 for the biggest completion of the day to that point. But then, Jon Ryan one upped him.

After lining up for a field goal, Jon Ryan pulled the ball away and lobbed up a 19-yard touchdown pass to 306-pound lineman Gary Gilliman. It was the first fake field goal for a touchdown in the Pete Carroll era, somewhat surprising considering how gutsy he can be.

Needless to say, it sent a jolt of life into CenturyLink Field.

4th Quarter

James Starks opened the quarter with a huge run, breaking free for a 32-yard run into Seahawks territory. Richard Sherman was banged up on the play and looked to be in significant pain, but stayed on the field despite visibly cringing and holding his left arm close to his chest. Mason Crosby would add three more points for the Packers, nailing a 48-yard field goal to extend their lead to 12 points with 10:53 to play. Suddenly, those early field goals were looking like pretty smart decisions by Mike McCarthy.

On a do-or-die drive for Seattle, the Seahawks had two critical 3rd down conversions. Early in the drive, pinned deep in their own territory, Wilson hit Ricardo Lockette who hauled in a pass well in front of him for the first down. Later, Marshawn Lynch delivered a powerful run to keep the drive alive. But another sack killed Seattle's drive, and Pete Carroll might as well have waved the white flag while sending out the punting unit. Or at least that's how it felt at the time.

The Seahawks would get the ball back after forcing a 3-and-out, needing a fast score. Instead, the Packers picked off another pass that deflected off the hands of Jermaine Kearse.

All hope seemed lost. Fans began to head for the exits, I personally vowed at that moment not to watch a down of the Super Bowl (a statement I now retract, obviously). But you see, that's when the magic happened.

Russell Wilson hit Marshawn lynch for a 35-yard touchdown down the sidelines, but the touchdown was called back as Lynch stepped out of bounds at the 9-yard line. After the touchdown was called back, Russell Wilson finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run. The Seahawks were left with a decision. Kick it and trust your defense, or go for the onside? Pete Carroll likes to live life on the edge.

The Seahawks went for the onside kick and came up with the ball, giving Wilson a chance to execute a potential game-winning drive with the season on the line.

Seattle came up with possession, and Russell Wilson seized the moment, driving the Seahawks far enough down the field to let Marshawn Lynch cap off the drive with a 24-yard touchdown run to give Seattle a 22-19 lead with 1:11 left, sending CenturyLink Field into a frenzy.

The Seahawks also converted a huge two-point conversion that wound up playing a crucial role in the game. Russell Wilson avoided getting sacked and threw across his body, hitting Luke Willson to give Seattle a 22-19 lead with just under 90 seconds to go.

The play was big for a couple reasons. First off, if they miss it, the Packers only need a field goal to win the game. But it was also one of those throws that could've easily been picked off and returned for a touchdown, which would've given the Packers the lead back and sucked the life out of everyone.

But did you really think Aaron Rodgers was going to keel over and surrender? No way, not even if he had to limp his way to the sidelines while on the run.

Rodgers led the Packers into field goal range as Mason Crosby drilled another 48-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. Yes, after the craziest five minutes of football in Seahawks history, we had to go through overtime to get to the Super Bowl.


Seattle won the coin toss, thanks to the presence of Tavaris Jackson. See? Every player has value on this team, and this is his. The first big play of overtime came on 3rd and 6 when Wilson hit Doug Baldwin downfield for a gain of 35 yards, the longest play of the game for either team.

But it wasn't the biggest. On the next play, Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse in the end zone for the game-winning touchdown in the most poetic ending to the game possible after all the interceptions that stemmed from passes intended for Kearse.

The Seattle Seahawks are going to Super Bowl XLIX. After the way this game was going with five minutes to play, I can't believe I am sitting here typing out that sentence. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to go ride bikes with Michael Bennett.