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Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas injured, but vow to play in Super Bowl XLIX

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Apart from about 54 minutes of gut-wrenching despair about the Seahawks' flaccid first, second, and third quarters of the the NFC Championship Game, Seattle fans faced a couple of other major scares when All-Pros Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman left the game with injuries.

Earl left shortly before the half after tackling a Packer ballcarrier and landing on his shoulder awkwardly. He went to the locker room and emerged a couple of series later with a big shoulder brace under his pads.

"I'll be fine. I'll be fine," Thomas exclaimed after the game, per John Boyle, "There's too much at stake for me to be sitting in here while my teammates are out there battling. I'm going to be out there with my teammates no matter what."

Richard Sherman got sandwiched between Packer running back James Starks and a Kam Chancellor hit in the fourth quarter and went to the ground in pain.

Sherman eventually finished off the game heavily favoring, and barely using, his left arm.

Sherman made a great play late in the game on a Packer third down when he tackled Jordy Nelson after he caught it in the flats. That play helped hold the Packers to a field goal, sending the game to OT.

"(Sherman) hurt his elbow," Pete Carroll said after the game.  I don't know how he could have played. How do you play bump-and-run with one arm? But he did. He hurt his elbow, but he knew he could make it, and somehow he was doing it. It was a feat by him to get through that and keep competing."

Ian Rapoport reported that Sherman may have ulner nerve damage and will have an MRI tomorrow, but, says he will play.

"I'll be out there, I promise that... I will 100 percent be able to play," Sherman said after the game.

J.R. Sweezy also got rolled up on twice on the same drive and was limping around a bit, but he returned to the game and Carroll mentioned that he thinks Sweezy will be fine. The Seahawks should be able to get Justin Britt back at right tackle, Jeron Johnson back at safety, Cooper Helfet back at tight end, and the two weeks should do wonders to get the Hawks ready to go.