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Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas expected to play in Super Bowl 49

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I'm not going to talk much about Earl Thomas' shoulder injury, okay?

As for Richard Sherman, who injured his elbow as he was sandwiched between Kam Chancellor and James Starks, he told ESPN's John Clayton that the MRI showed his injury was just an elbow sprain. This is better news than, say, an elbow dislocation, which has kept Seahawks' safety Jeron Johnson out of action for the past several weeks. Regardless, both Sherman and Thomas have two weeks to rest and rehab up, and while they'll surely be hurting, it's looking good that they'll both play.

The big question for Sherman is whether or not he can hold up in run defense, something that's hard to do with one functional arm. If I'm the Patriots, I'd run right at him to start the game out to see how his elbow is holding up, and you know Bill Belichick is shrewd enough to figure this out as well.