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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Friday

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Thank goodness it's TGIF.

Predicting the outcome of Super Bowl 49 using statistical data | The MMQB with Peter King
By Keith Goldner The top seeds from both the AFC and NFC are set to meet in Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots deflated (sorry!) the Colts in the AFC championship game, while the Seahawks made one of the most miraculous comebacks in playoff history to reach their second consecutive Super...

NFL coaches, GMs have mixed responses to Patriots' Deflategate case | The MMQB with Peter King
MOBILE, Ala. – Most of the NFL world is in this coastal town for the week of Senior Bowl practices, and you might be surprised to learn that the Patriots’ football scandal is not exactly huge news. That’s not to say people aren’t interested.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Quarterback Postseason Drive Stats
While many of us were swept away by Seattle's crazy comeback after Green Bay wasted incredible field position, the AFC Championship Game quietly produced an even bigger disparity in the distances that each offense had to travel. The Patriots started, on average, at their own 46.1-yard line, while the Colts started at their own 19.8 once we remove a kneeldown drive to end the first half. That always helps to fuel a rout. Stats like field position can add great context to an offense's performance.

Three days later, Belichick has “no explanation” for deflated footballs | ProFootballTalk
Throughout Thursday's 90-minute edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, we've been playing and reacting to clips from the Wednesday press conferences conducted by Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Aikman: Patriots' punishment should exceed Saints' in bounty scandal -
FOX Sports color commentator, Hall of Famer and former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman thinks the NFL should heavily sanction the Patriots for Deflategate.

VIDEO: Ex-NFL QB Brunell doesn't believe Tom Brady, chokes up on TV -
Mark Brunell did not believe anything Tom Brady had to say during his press conference on Thursday.

Tom Brady on Deflategate: This isn't ISIS -
Tom Brady did his best to Deflategate into context for us

How did Belichick not know until Monday? | ProFootballTalk
In response to the lengthy statement from Patriots coach Bill Belichick regarding his knowledge (or mainly lack thereof) regarding #DeflateGate, one major question has arisen, as noted by one of Thursday's callers to PFT Live.

Tom Brady: NFL hasn’t contacted me as part of investigation | ProFootballTalk
The NFL landscape has been dominated by the Deflategate story all week and the league has said several times that they are investigating the issue, but Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's Thursday press conference on the issue raised some questions about the depth and scope of that investigation.

Center Bryan Stork returns to Patriots practice -
Patriots center Bryan Stork returned to practice Thursday after missing Sunday's AFC Championship Game win over the Colts with a right knee injury.

Rooney: Blount released for 'right reasons' by Steelers -
LeGarrette Blount is Super Bowl-bound with the Patriots, but Steelers president Art Rooney II doesn't regret releasing the hard-charging running back in November.

What trick will Belichick pull from his hoodie sleeve next? -
Carroll used a fake field goal to help the Seahawks rally from a 16-point deficit and beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime in the NFC championship game. Belichick reached his sixth Super Bowl as a head coach with the help of a touchdown pass to a 320-pound offensive tackle.

Irvin goes from question mark to key starter for Seattle -
He'll think about turning his life around and becoming a junior college football standout, only to lack the money to continue in school.

RENTON: Wilson was thinking of second Super Bowl right after first one | Seattle Seahawks | The News Tribune
Says Seahawks know how to prepare: This week crucial, and don’t forget to have fun.

RENTON: Richard Sherman in vintage form: Tom Brady isn’t what his “clean-cut” image says | Seattle Seahawks | The News Tribune
Tom Brady used to think the Seattle Seahawks were “nobodies.” The New England megastar, GQ quarterback isn’t the “clean-cut” guy on the field that his image says he is off it.

Transcript of Patriots' coach Bill Belichick press conference on deflated footballs | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Here’s all that New England coach Bill Belichick had to say to the media Thursday, including his opening statement on the inflated balls controversy, and some follow-up questions on the same topic (more here):

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: 'I didn’t alter the balls in any way' | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, addressing a report that New England illegally deflated 11 of its 12 footballs during last weekend's AFC Championship Game, said Thursday at Gillette Stadium that he 'didn't alter the balls in any way.' He says he went through his standard pregame routine of selecting the balls a few hours before kickoff and...

How Marshawn Lynch Can Save Journalism
Journalism in the information age needs to change. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is here to help.

Can Tony Sparano fix San Francisco 49ers tight end woes? - ESPN
The 49ers' tight end group suffered through an injury-filled and shockingly unproductive season in 2014.

49ers prepping for rebirth of 'Mangenius' with Eric Mangini hire - ESPN
As the 49ers tight ends coach last year and a senior offensive consultant in 2013, Mangini kept a relatively low profile on Jim Harbaugh's staff.

For Wilson, keeping routine means doubling up during Super Bowl week - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tells 'Brock and Salk' about one thing he's giving up in order to maintain his routine during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. - Blog - 710 ESPN Seattle

Seahawks staying out of Patriots' "Deflategate" controversy - Seattle Seahawks | 710 ESPN Seattle
The Patriots' under-inflated football scandal is story that everyone seems to be fixated upon, but it isn't much of a story if you ask the Seahawks. - Blog - 710 ESPN Seattle

Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson: Seahawks have ‘very, very underrated receivers’ - Seattle Seahawks & NFL News
Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson, as a member of the Arizona Cardinals, faced the Seattle Seahawks twice this season and lost both times. So he is quite familiar with the Hawks’ wide receivers.

The NFL Should Just Leave Marshawn Lynch The Hell Alone
According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the NFL is preparing to become much more aggressive in its battle against Marshawn Lynch and his continued refusal to give a fuck.

Wednesday in Hawkville: In Seahawks’ animal kingdom, Kam Chancellor is the lion
All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman likens the Seahawks’ secondary to “a bunch of wild dogs.” But when you add All-Pro strong safety Kam Chancellor to the mix, Sherman adds, “We’re some bad men with him around.”

Seahawks fan: Catching Kearse ball worth it despite negative press - Dori Monson |
The Seahawks fan that came away with the football Jermaine Kearse caught in the game-winning play says catching the ball was worth more to him than the negative press that's followed. - The Dori Monson Show -

Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch fined - NFL -
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $20,000 for an obscene gesture he made during the NFC Championship against the Packers on Sunday.

Super Bowl 2015: Prop Bets Favorites, Point Spread for Patriots vs. Seahawks | Bleacher Report
The latest NFL news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power rankings, mock drafts and more

Seahawks CB Jeremy Lane isn't impressed with Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski | - Seattle Sidelines
So far this week, Seahawks have avoided taking the bait when asked about the New England Patriots' deflated footballs scandal, and players have said very positive thing about their Super Bowl opponent, from praising the running ability of LeGarrette Blount to calling Tom Brady one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Seahawks’ Sherman to play in Super Bowl, tells Brady story | Seahawks | The Seattle Times

Seahawks' Williams prepares to check his last box | Fox News
( - There was already a pretty good chance that the final stop in Kevin Williams' football career was going to be in northeast Ohio.As an 11-year Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle, Williams fit in nicely with the franchise's identity for producing Hall of Fame defensive linemen

Photo: Check out Paul Allen's badass custom-built Seahawks-themed guitar amp - GeekWire
When you're Paul Allen and you want a custom-designed, Seahawks-themed guitar amp, well, you go have one made. As spotted by the Seattle Weekly, the Seahaw

Super Bowl 49 Pick: Will Seahawks go Beast Mode on the Patriots? -
Who's going to win Super Bowl XLIX? You came to the right place to find out.

Russell Wilson vs. Packers - 14/29, 209 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs
Russell Wilson and the Seahawks played the Packers in the NFC Championship. This game featured an epic comeback by the Seahawks down by 19 points to beat the Green Bay Packers. The game didn’t start well for the Seahawks as Wilson threw multiple interceptions and the offensive line allowed way too much pressure.

Film Room: Breaking down Russell Wilson and the Seahawks' passing game | theScore
It was fitting that the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship on a play of more than 20 yards. It's what they've done all season.

Seattle Seahawks CB Jeremy Lane says New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski isn't that good - ESPN
"I actually don't think he's that good," Lane said. "He's OK. He does have a big body. But from what I've seen on tape, he doesn't like you putting your hands on him. So if we put our hands on him and shake him up a little bit, he won't catch that many balls."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Film Room: New England Linebackers
The Seattle Seahawks had one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL during the regular season this year.

Super Bowl 2015: Richard Sherman says people have a skewed view of Tom Brady -
Richard Sherman doesn't think the public knows who Tom Brady really is, and doesn't think that inflated footballs decided the AFC Championship.

The Worst Question in Sports: What We Talk About When We Say ‘Talk About’ «