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Super Bowl prop bets 2015: Bet on Marshawn Lynch's rushing yards and whether he grabs his crotch

Marshawn Lynch is a critical component of the Seattle Seahawks offense, and thus will be plenty busy on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some interesting prop bets related to his Super Bowl performance.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 49 features one of the NFL's biggest impact players this year in Marshawn Lynch. He had one of the best seasons of his career, finishing the regular season with 1,306 yards, and a career high 13 rushing touchdowns. The Seattle Seahawks offense will rely on him for a big game on Sunday against a New England Patriots defense that ranked in the middle of the pack against the run.

There are plenty of opportunities to wager on Lynch this Sunday. There are some basic prop bets connected to his performance during the game, and of course, there are more entertaining prop bets connected to somewhat "non-football matters". has posted a vast array of prop bets, and two have been particularly popular among bettors. One is for his total rushing yards on Sunday. The total opened at 89.5 rushing yards. However, with 80 percent of money coming in on the over, the total has climbed to 92.5 yards. The over pays out -135 (bet $135 to win $100), while the under pays out +105 (bet $100 to win $105).

A second bet getting some play is whether or not Lynch will grab his crotch after scoring a touchdown. The line opened at YES being +400, and NO being -600. 70 percent of the money coming in has been on YES, and that has resulted in a slight change to the line. YES is now +350, while NO is -500. Given that the NFL has said they will penalize the Seahawks 15 yards if Lynch makes an "obscene gesture", it seems unlikely he will do it.

Here are some of the other notable Marshawn Lynch prop bets. You can find the full list at

(NE @ SEA) - Total Rushing Yards - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Over/Under                              92½

(NE @ SEA) - Total Rushing Attempts in the game - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Over/Under                              20½

(NE @ SEA) - Total Rushing Yards on 1st Attempt for Marshawn Lynch?

Over/Under                              3½

(NE @ SEA) - Longest Rush - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Over/Under                              20½

(NE @ SEA) - Total Receiving Yards - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Over/Under                              19½

(NE @ SEA) - Total Receptions - Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

Over/Under                              2½

(NE @ SEA) - Will Marshawn Lynch (SEA) score a TD in the game?

Yes                              -200    (1/2)
No                                +160    (8/5)

(NE @ SEA) - Will Marshawn Lynch (SEA) score a TD in the 1st Half?

Yes                              EVEN   (1/1)
No                                -130     (10/13)