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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts Broadcast, Week 3

Jacson, Brent, and Matt are back to discuss the Seahawks' big win over the Bears and look ahead to their Monday night showdown with the Lions.

Youngblood's comin'
Youngblood's comin'
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back. Happier things to discuss this week, as Matt, Brent, and I take a look back at the Seattle Seahawks' 26-0 victory over the Chicago Bears. In providing the most complete team effort we've seen in a while, the 'Hawks gave us plenty to dig in on, including:

*First half offense vs second half offense
*Thomas Rawls- is he the guy to eventually take over for Marshawn Lynch or just a guy until they can find Lynch's replacement?
*Jimmy Graham
*Tyler Lockett
*Was this truly a great performance from the defense or would anyone have shut out a Jimmy Clausen-led Bears team?

We also peek ahead to Seattle's upcoming Monday night game against the Detroit Lions:

*Are the Lions bad, or just a good team off to  a bad start?
*Has Matthew Stafford been figured out?
*What will the reaction to Golden Tate be?


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