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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Sark, Chubb, Harbs, Lynch, Hawks

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It's been a wild week of college football, so myself and Rob Staton had plenty to talk about on Monday for 3000 NFL Mock Draft -- the weekly vodcast that comes out every Monday (or Tuesday) on YouTube, iTunes (SUBSCRIBE!!), and a download link through SoundCloud.

The topics today are the fall from the middle for Steve Sarkisian, the NCAA's harsh (and stupid) rules against their own players, Leonard Fournette not being able to use his name on a jersey to help the South Carolina flooding victims, the draft stock of Memphis QB Paxton Lynch and why he will be the number one quarterback taken in the 2016 NFL Draft, moves up and down in Rob's Top 25 prospects for the draft, who he thinks will be playing for the national championship, Jim Harbaugh's remarkable ascent at Michigan and why it will result in another upset win this week -- this time over Michigan State.

We also delve into the Seahawks loss to the Bengals, what it means for them moving forward, and why Thomas Rawls is the real deal.