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Seahawks lose to Bengals: Pete Carroll Monday presser notes

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll spoke to the media Monday afternoon and debriefed reporters on what was a disappointing loss to the Bengals. Here are some notes. Originally published at Reddit.

Coach Carroll:

  • No matter how many times he watches the film he can't get the end to change. Still working on it, came to some conclusions about some stuff. We came out and played our best football for the most part. They captured the momentum and energy they needed to finish the game off. It's tough. We gained some ground in some areas, we can get better, play at home, get on track in areas that help us down the stretch here.

  • Without question the line of scrimmage was the best it has been. We came off the ball well, we ran the football how we like to. We needed a first down or two in the 4th quarter to put the game away but it was a big improvement for us. The communication was good, Russell Wilson helped us in protection a few times. Sharpest we have been. Had 30 carries against the Bengals.

  • Any sequence in the fourth quarter could have stopped them in there. We had third and shorts, by design we were trying to stay in 3rd and 6 or less vs these guys. Frustrating we didn't get any of them.

  • No one thing on the lack of 3rd down conversions.

  • We weren't sitting back or waiting on them, we were trying to continue with the pressure on defense in the 4th quarter. We rushed them better than any team has this year. We had some technique errors, leverage problems and stuff that would have helped us if we did it right. We missed some fine points.

  • Can't even explain how we are winning these games with negative turnover ratio and are losing these positive ratio games. Our stats aren't supporting it for the first time in 16 years.

  • Jordan has a strained quad, thinks it will be a couple weeks.

  • Bobby has a strained pec, will find out how that works for him.

  • Marshawn should be on track for Thursday, should be back for the game.

  • Will feel really comfortable with Thomas Rawls in the RB2 spot. He has exceeded our expectations at this point.

  • We were in hurry up in OT which is why Fred Jackson was in there.

  • The zones in deep coverage didn't get it done with giving up touchdowns, Kam did his assignment right. Breakdown in communication which we cleared it up after the first one but on the second they just beat us with the rhythm of it.

  • Russell Wilson saw Tyler Lockett late in OT, could have easily gone to Doug which had a chance for a big play there too. Threw it late and couldn't get the ball there. Russell did some really good things, his numbers are there, he had a couple of opportunities on 3rd downs that we are kicking ourselves over. Missing Jimmy Graham on a crucial 3rd and 8, Doug Baldwin on some.

  • Normally Marshawn comes in and out pretty regularly so we will put Rawls in there when Marshawn goes out, probably 8-10 carries in a regular game.

  • Rawls is doing alright in non running game. Trying not to over burden him (with blocking). That is why Fred plays a lot in 3rd downs for us. Is just an experience game, asking a lot to get all of that right (blocking). Rawls is in all the passing stuff on 1st and 2nd down.

  • Fred Jackson is healthy, amazing how he is healed.

  • Cary Williams went really aggressive at the receiver, and mistimed his time of jam. In position but penalties called on him that he was in very good position on. He was better the week before and technique wise he could be a little cleaner, he would tell you that.

  • Bennett lost his mind a bit, he will tell you he was too aggressive. In the old days (‘60s) that was what you did (beat up the QB when your defense gets an INT). The plan in the calls we made in the 4th quarter were ones we were successful with before. They just didn't work for multiple reasons.

  • First time we really felt the punt coverage was off, got out of wack a little bit. The mechanics of the kick (Jon didn't get the ball like he normally does), got a little out of wack on our coverage. Had some backup guys in there because of injuries. It became a factor, the field position became tilted. With their returns they won that exchange handedly.

  • Think Kearse and Baldwin are really maximizing their chances. They are almost 100% on targets-catches. Very consistent and very tough, and doing the smart things too. The blitz to Doug was a great execution by Russ and Doug. Those guys really come through, terrific leaders for us.

  • Team mood was pretty quiet, whole room feels it. Conversation already went to Wednesday and taking the things we improved on and carry them forward. The stuff on O-line, it was a big move for us. Looking forward to getting going again.

  • Think we are more on the topic of what it takes to play how we want to play compared to last year, last season we were six games in and floundering. Hoping that marker stays with us and this week is when we get moving, we are running out of time to make a turn around here early.

  • Bobby's pec could be a couple weeks if it doesn't respond, but he could also play this week if it does, we'll see.

  • Marshawn has been an incredible player for our team. The fact that he brings the confidence and toughness and play making ability, when you go without one of those guys others have to step up (which Rawls has), but Marshawn his Marshawn for a reason. It's a big deal to not have him, but he is really proud of Thomas and what he did with his opportunities.

  • Tempo off the football, moving the LOS, way more consistent with our pickups and targeting, adjusted to some stuff that happened in the game, sharp off the ball for O-line. Felt attitude wise like what we have been in the past.

  • With Jordan Hill out it depends on what happens, if Demarcus Dobbs comes back we will do some things. We have a few options but we don't like getting much thinner than this.

  • Rawls has had the chance to really substantiate that he is physical and tough. Rawls works so hard in practice and always tries his hardest but you could finally see it in games. He is breaking tackles, making runs, getting up after his runs end and is ready for the next one.

  • Tharold Simon will have surgery on his toe, had it on his other foot as well, is a problem he has to do with.

  • We'd love to get more from Jimmy, from everybody. He did well in this game but we could use more. Only completed 15 passes in this game, need to get more out of him but also need to get more out of the other guys.

  • Opportunity for Steve Sarkisian to get right and get well, pulling for him. This isn't about coaching now, it is about his personal life. Knows he is committed to getting things right. Has dialog with him. Will be there to support him.

My Thoughts:

  • I saw a meme saying they hate Bevell because he has the roster he has on Offense and goes "Run Run Pass" over and over against the Bengals. And personally I really want answered why our passing route scheme is so elementary and predictable, however, Pete saying the plan for this game was to stay in 3rd and 6 or less should really inform you about the play-calling Bevell would be limited to. When you are actively trying to make just a few yards on 1st down and a few yards on 2nd down so you can be in 3rd and 6 or less, you can't take big chances calling for intermediate or deep routes with Jimmy or Tyler or Doug very often. Do I think our short passing game route concepts could be improved? Yes! Do I think we can do so much more pre-snap and with route concepts to get receivers open almost right away? Yes! But this information should hep put in perspective our game-plan, and why it didn't look how we wanted it to. And to be fair, for three quarters it was going quite well. We had a dominant run game, we had a healthy passing game, but then everything fell apart.

  • Interesting that at least the first TD pass to Eifert wasn't on Kam. Every indication and analysis (former players) I have seen said Kam looked out of position, but I don't believe Pete would lie to protect Kam. So yet again just another example of the fan base, analysts and even experienced former players getting analysis/blame wrong. How many of us jumped on Kam for getting it wrong (at least once)? And it turns out he was doing his job correctly...worth thinking about.

  • I hope and pray that Bobby responds well and is out at most this Panther game. Thankfully I like what I have seen from Brock Coyle but he just isn't a All-Pro MLB with sideline to sideline speed. I have a sneaking suspicion that Hill will always been a guy that gets hurt for a few games every season. Not like ACL tear hurt but sprained this, bruised that, etc.

  • Really I want to see two things again the Panthers; 1) Our finishing instinct back. We can't wait 4 games for Earl to freak out in practice and snap everyone back in sync. We need our D to stop being garbage in the 4th quarter. We also need our Offense to step up and start scoring in the 4th quarter. 2) I really need to see our O-line play the same as they did vs the Bengals or better. I honestly wouldn't feel too shabby if our O-line played at the level we saw vs the Bengals for the rest of the season, I feel like I saw our '13-'14 O-line out there. If they actually improve and by week 10 or 13 look even better and are even more consistent, then wow...we owe Tom Cable & Pete Carroll a bit of an apology and a cookie. If they continue to play like we saw them play against the Bengals or better from here on out, then we truly did weather the storm (first few weeks) but got to a place finally where they look serviceable, sometimes even good.