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How will the Seahawks respond to blowing a massive lead in Cincinnati?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

"These are not our Seahawks."

"The legion of boom isn't what it used to be."

"This team is done - the Seahawks should be 1-4 right now."

Seahawks nation is down right now...and rightfully so. I don't want to talk about Sunday's game. It's in the past. This team is moving on. The players are moving on. The coaches are moving on. And the fans should too. But I know that's a lot easier said that done.

However, for context into why it's necessary, let's jump back in time a little bit. It was October 20th, 2014. The Seahawks had just lost two straight games, first to the Cowboys at home, then to the Rams in St. Louis after Percy Harvin had been traded and the team was experiencing some serious turmoil.

Not surprisingly, at that time, the team was taking heat from the national media and fans around the nation. Everyone wanted to see the Seahawks fail. They still do.

It was the Monday after the Seahawks had lost to the Rams. At work, the mood was somber in the office. People were down. Employees sipped their coffees with depressed expressions. I was one of them. But something inside of me was hopeful. Hopeful that the Seahawks would turn it around. Hopeful that things would change. Hopeful that they still had a shot at a successful season.

I remember having several conversations about the Seahawks that day. But one stuck out. A collegue walked into my office. With a big sigh, he said:

"How about them Seahawks, man? That was awful."

Obviously, he was down. He was depressed - and not very hopeful that the team would turn it around. How could the Seahawks lose after Russell had put together a 300-100 yard day? Wilson had balled out that game - throwing for 313 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for 100 plus yards on 7 carries for a touchdown. Despite the negative nature of the conversation, I remember telling my coworker:

"The best is yet to come. They're not done. This ain't who we are. This is not how it ends."

It just didn't seem right to give up on this team. That team would only lose one more game that season and make it back to the Super Bowl.

In many ways, football is like life. It's not about if hardships will come. It will. It's more about how you respond to them. How you respond to being down. How you respond to being beaten up. How you respond to the heartbreak.

The Seahawks lost a tough game on Sunday. And I was pissed, like many of you. And honestly - this is not the last tough game they'll lose.

Now the question is this: how will they respond to devastation? How will they respond to tragedy? How will they respond to blowing a massive lead? Will they let this loss plague them the rest of the season? Will they let this loss destroy them? Or will they be stronger because of it? Or will they use this loss to fuel them?

This is an opportunity for this team to grow. These are the moments where growth takes place: not when you're winning - but when you're losing. On Sunday, the Seahawks will have an opportunity to put themselves in the exact same position they were last year after six games at 3-3. Last year, that team went to the Super Bowl.

Friends, I don't believe the Seahawks are done. This is not how this ends. The best is yet to come.