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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman press conference notes

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon. Here are some notes on what was said. Originally posted at Reddit.

Coach Carroll:
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  • We needed to do something at CB, a couple of guys, with Marcus Burley down and Tharold Simon unable to come back (IR), we had to do something (got Crezdon Butler).

  • They think Burley can play two weeks after the surgery, will be in a cast but will be safe and secure.

  • Bobby Wagner (pectoral) could be a game-time decision to play Sunday vs CAR. Says Wagner very much wants to play.

  • Sees some pattern in 4th quarter losses. Penalties, plays that stand out where the other team captures the moment. The PI and the TE making that fantastic catch are the two big moments that changed the game. We have to be that much more right with our opportunities. We have to capture the opportunities. We aren't a prevent type of team, we are aggressive with our changes and stuff, we are looking for that better pattern of calls to be successful.

  • There's some stuff we will do to try to be different. Are some things we can try differently in subtle ways, we are just looking for a play here and there. There was a play somewhere in the game that could have taken seconds away that doesn't allow them to kick the FG to tie the game. (On O, D or ST).

  • DT Jordan Hill will be out at least two weeks with quad strain.

  • "There are a couple plays a game" Russell Wilson could stay in pocket to throw longer vs scrambling. This season is the best Russel Wilson has been passing from the pocket, despite his many scrambles.

  • Carroll said Kevin Pierre-Louis should be back this week as well. Expects him to play, which is important considering Wagner uncertain.

  • Pete Carroll: Kam Chancellor had "solid football game" at Cincinnati. Missed a couple tackles. Carroll reiterates that Kam Chancellor not responsible for two touchdown passes to Tyler Eifert last week.

  • Will find out Nick Moody's role, will help on ST and will backup Bobby, maybe play if Bobby is out.

  • Carroll says of Marshawn Lynch "he should be ready to go.''Should practice full go Thursday and Friday.

  • This season has been very unusual for us, doesn't even register in his brain. Winning with negative turnover games and losing positive turnover games. Expects it to flip and get back to normal as soon as this upcoming game.

  • Have to see what happens with Brock Coyle and Kevin Pierre-Louis and Wagner on if KJ Wright moves inside.

  • Moody plays the WILL spot for us as a backup. (So if Bobby out, Wright moves inside and Moody plays WILL)

  • Really gonna try and build off the progress of the O-line against the Bengals. Really liked the style we played off the ball. Very positive step for us.

  • Demarcus Dobbs has a chance this week to make it back.

Richard Sherman:
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  • Doesn't think we are far at all on Defense. We haven't gotten he bounces against the Rams and Bengals, last year we got the bounces.

  • Sherman's approach is the same since he made the big money.

  • Thinks Steven Hauschka next for his pro-bowl campaigning. He makes multiple 50 yard field goals and no one bats an eye lash for him. Has played remarkable in this time of kicks being missed in the NFL by kickers. It is disturbing that he is getting no recognition.

  • Jon Ryan runs a 4.4, made an incredible tackle, kicks really well, Hauschka is 10 for 10. Both of our kickers are great.

  • Go Hawks!