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NFL Fantasy Football, Week 6: 5 under-the-radar must starts

A few lesser known flex options that should be in your lineups this week.

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Week 5 In Review

If you aren't familiar with my methods yet, I'll put myself on a "PASS" or "FAIL" scale which is based on flex options scoring above or below double digit fantasy points. Above 10 points would be a PASS, and obviously below 10 would be a FAIL. So here we go once again, let's see how I did for you last week, folks.

Aaron Dobson, 0.0 Points -- DNP
Charles Sims, 17.6 Points -- PASS
Charles Clay, 1.7 Points -- FAIL
Leonard Hankerson, 2.3 Points -- FAIL
Allen Robinson, 26.2 Points -- PASS

Ok so what the heck went wrong this week? First off, Aaron Dobson did not play (DNP), I cannot even explain this one -- chalk it up to falling down the depth charts I guess. Charles Sims, as expected, went off like a banana hammock during a honeymoon -- the guy scored owners 12.5 points as a receiver alone. Charles Clay -- perhaps Clay should have sculpted himself into any other tight end than one for Buffalo, because he was a bust this week, only 3 targets? I've failed you all.

Meanwhile, Leonard Hankerson was as hindered by Matt Ryan as Julio was on Sunday afternoon, he's a decent flex play going forward as Roddy White continues to disappear little by little like that photo from back to the future... you know the one, it's the one with Marty and he's like fading, and uh, he's sorta like freaking out about it a little bit, and I think maybe his mom or dad was in the shot. Ah nevermind.

Allen Robinson, as expected, went nuts for the 2nd time this season. The guy is a very high end talent and it's no surprise he is doing this -- buy him everywhere you can he is a weekly WR2. Anyways... ON TO WEEK 6!

Week 6: '5 Must-Start Fantasy Sleepers'

5. Jamison Crowder, WAS WR

A first year player out of Duke University, Crowder is slowly working his way into fantasy relevance. Having now posted double digit scoring outings in three of his last three games (12.8, 13.5, 17), Crowder is officially on the radar.

In Week 6, the Washington Redskins will be squaring off with the New York Jets on the road -- I realize the match-up seems ugly. Over the past three weeks Crowder has garnered a total of 26 targets, that's an average of 8.6 per game, a number that is certainly inflated by the excessive downtime DeSean Jackson has had (four weeks missed). Regardless of what team Washington faces next, Crowder should be a difficult cover as he works from the slot position.

Darrelle Revis will almost most certainly spend the day suffocating Pierre Garcon, while Antonio Cromartie works against Ryan Grant. On the year, the New York Jets are allowing a game average of 4.3 receptions and 38 yards to slot receivers. This may not sound like a lot but as a baseline that is 8.1 PPR points. Jamison Crowder also offers the kick return ability as well -- an all purpose athlete that can offer owners big play ability all over the place.

Don't let the match up scare you friends, Jamison has been a cog in this offense of late and it won't change much until the return of Jackson. Kirk Cousins has been a serviceable option at QB and the Washington run game is a brutal match-up for any defense, especially this nasty York Jets front 7. Bet on the big play if you are in the market for some upside and go with Crowder in Week 6.

4. Doug Baldwin, WR SEA

Deservedly so, Baldwin is a flex option on any given week -- even against a 4-0 Carolina Panthers defense. Josh Norman may be the new Revis but Baldwin has proved time and time again that he's capable of performing against anyone.

The Seahawks offensive line has looked pretty bad, and Russell Wilson continues to run for his life on a per snap basis, but besides these two awful facts there is a lot to love about Doug Baldwin in Week 6. Over the season the Carolina Panthers have played a "bend but don't break type of coverage" -- basically they'll allow short completions but few big ones. Since Week 1, Carolina has allowed these performance from WR's nobody else on earth believes in: Rashad Greene 7-28-1, Cecil shorts 6-35, Willie Snead 5-45, Louis Murphy 3-26.

Cue Doug Baldwin -- a gritty wide receiver that Russell Wilson trusts on short-intermediate routes, should find plenty of opportunity underneath the coverage this Sunday. Through five games, Baldwin is averaging 5.2 targets per game and has maintained an unbelievable receiving percentage of 88.5% on the year. This is a matchup that should definitely yield opportunities for Doug.

The the perpetual potential to add a TD to his game stats, Doug Baldwin is a sneaky play here vs a Panthers team that will give up big PPR points to receivers like him. Start this guy with confidence Sunday!

3. Delanie Walker, TE TEN

No, he's not the sexy name that Travis Kelce or Jimmy Graham are, but he deserves similar respect -- believe it.

The Tennessee Titans have zero run game and a moderately dysfunctional wide receiver corps, this hasn't stopped them from producing a few fantasy worth streamers though. In Week 6, the Titans will face the Miami Dolphins' leaky secondary. Thus far this season against the only two teams they faced with skilled tight ends they allowed an average of 6-72.5-1 a game. Ranked 29th in the league in total team defense, the Miami Dolphins appear poised to give up another big day to a tight end when Walker comes to town. So far in 2015, Walker is averaging just under 6.5 targets per game, but the belief is this middling volume of targets is health and game flow related -- in Week 3 he did see 10 targets (7 rec, 68 rec yards).

Expect Marcus Mariota to locate his big target early and often. With Tennessee's run game woes and lack of receiving talent outside of Kendall Wright, Delanie should be back on board as the go-to option for the Titans. If the prospect of Walker doesnt do it for you than you could always go the route I went last week and start Scott Chandler..... and get a zero.

2. Willie Snead, WR NO

If you haven't heard by now Nick Toon is out and Brandon Coleman is the guy to own in New Orleans. If you still haven't heard by now Brandon Coleman is out and Willie Snead is the guy to own in New Orleans -- seriously.

He's exploded onto the scene in a big way and for now it doesn't look like he's slowing down. Over the past two weeks Snead has seen 17 targets and turned that volume into 12 catches for 230 receiving yards -- these stats were good for 36 total fantasy points. With Brandin Cooks up and down performances of late it isn't out of the realm of possibilities that Snead retains these No.1 WR targets. On a short week against a red hot Atlanta Falcons team Snead will look to take the top off the secondary. This task will almost literally be easier said than done as the Falcons team defense is allowing 288 passing yards per game -- that ranks them 29th in pass defense across the league. Don't let the Falcons' 5-0 record fool you, these have been John Wayne level shootouts.

Drew Brees is still one of the most talented passers in the league and nobody benefits more from a high-end quarterback than one of his favorite targets. With Desmond Trufant focused on slowing down Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead should find a way to slither deep behind this secondary.... I mean, everybody else has.

1. Charcandrick West, RB KC

Jamaal Charles tore his second ACL since joining the NFL and prior to just a few weeks ago everyone thought Knile Davis was the hand-cuff to own in Kansas -- apparently they were wrong.

Charcandrick West has been owning the coveted back-up running back job in KC since Week 3 of this season. To put the current changing of the guard into perspective since Week 3 the snap split between Charcandrick West and Knile Davis is 44/4 in a landslide favor of West.

Even Andy Reid came out after the news of Charles' ACL tear and put his support behind West as the lead back going forward. In Week 6 the Kansas City Chiefs will get a crack at the 26th worst run defense in the NFL against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have been routinely gashed by opposing rushing offenses as they're currently yielding a staggering 125.5 yards per game. For those unaware, West is a superior athlete, one of the top SPARQ scorers currently active in the NFL in fact. Though he may lack the play making abilities of Jamaal Charles (currently) he is still in for an incredible workload. All this info aside what is the most intriguing part about the KC offense is the amount of pass catching work the lead running back see's -- hence West's immediate PPR gold status.

As long as Charles is out and the Chiefs maintain their style of play Charcandrick West should be a quality RB2 option from week to week. Do not be surprised if he impresses in his opportunities and runs away with the job all together leaving Kniles to hang with Frasier (Man I'm cool).

As usual, any sit/start questions feel free to find me on Twitter @AnOutragedJew and I'd love to help you solve them. Good luck in Week 6, and YES I will be starting Julio Jones everywhere that I own him.