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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Week 6

Jacson and Matt are joined by fearless leader and strong handsome commander numero uno Danny Kelly to sink their teeth deep into last week's game against the Bengals as well as breaking down the matchup this weekend vs the Panthers.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, what a show. Former All-Conference and national champion offensive lineman Matt Nichols and I are joined by the singular voice of Danny Kelly and the result was an excellent episode of Cigar Thoughts. With a change in location to the Glow Nightclub in downtown Bellingham (great location, extremely gracious hosting-- and yeah, we'll figure out the lighting a bit next week), the three of us were able to really dive deep into some of the more technical aspects of what we've seen from the Seahawks thus far.

This was truly one of our best episodes yet, so enjoy; and cheers!

Club proprietor and enormous Seahawks fan Evan has extended the invitation to come join us every Tuesday night at 7:00 for the show and it was really cool to see some fans show up for out first episode there.

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