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Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas press conference notes

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas spoke to reporters Thursday afternoon. Here are some notes on what was said (and click the links for the video of the pressers). Originally published on Reddit.

Russell Wilson:

Video Link

  • Doesn't think constant pressure on him this season, including NFC-high 22 sacks in 5 games, has affected him adversely.

  • Said the Bengals just made more plays than they did in the 4th quarter. Said one or two more 1st downs would have been enough.

  • Russell on Seahawks 2-3 now, 3-3 last yr before 12-4: "You don't want to talk about last year too much...It's a new year."

  • Russell on effect of Marshawn Lynch returning from hamstring Sunday to play unbeaten Carolina "They call him Beast Mode for a reason".

  • Russell on connection with Jimmy Graham "There's room, obviously to improve...We need to find ways to get him more involved" but "not force it."

  • Russell on his scrambles vs all the defensive pressure: "I don't try to run. I'm just trying to run away".

  • Derrick Coleman's incident "an unfortunate situation'' but had no other comment on it.

  • Making sure he is going through his progressions right to get the ball out quicker. It all comes down to footwork and making the right read at the right time. Always continue to try to work on, to grow.

  • Thinks the O-Line is continuing to get better every week. Drew Nowak at Center just started playing Center, he is a talented, talented player, the way he works is one of the coolest things to watch. Justin Britt is playing LG which is a new position, and there is Garry Gilliam. They are going to get better every week.

  • Think we are doing a great job with tempo and rhythm the last two weeks. Think we did a great job of that against the Bengals. The goal for Russell is getting the ball to the receivers.

  • Pass the Peace! Go Hawks!

Earl Thomas:

Video Link

  • Thinks we showered up and forgot about the loss. We're onto the next. Was playing timid because he wasn't fully prepared.

  • Body language was the most important thing in the 4th quarter, we weren't relentless, giving it our everything.

  • Doesn't know why he wasn't fully prepared.

  • Earl feels like they have the same swagger.

  • When you are on the road, the time difference, you can get into a bubble and not be as talkative as you need to be with each other.

  • When out there you know the truth out there deep down inside, in regards to being critical of yourself.

  • On what other players on defense are supposed to do when a defender gets a INT: They are supposed to block, but Michael Bennett doesn't block. If he does block he goes straight for the QB, he did that yesterday in practice, we got to get him out of that habit. Wasn't mad at anybody, was in a daze (when asked about penalty taking back his return).

  • Doesn't know what happened with TD passes to Tyler Eifert. Knows he isn't going to key in on one guy, is going to try to help as many people as possible.

My Thoughts:

  • I'm really tired of hearing about all of our little problems that keep adding up to pretty pathetic performances. To give up a 17 point lead and be hot garbage with no 3rd down conversions in the 4th and OT quarters...bad. To keep the Lions in the game by not piling on the points...bad. To not utterly destroy the Bears with our offense...bad. What I need to see from this Panthers game is for our team to perform how it did the first three quarters against the Bengals for all four quarters. We need our defense to be on it all 4 quarters, and for our offense to finally look like it is in sync and can do things (like it did the opening drive against the Bengals). Our 3rd down conversion stats need to improve big time (key to that is integration of Jimmy and creative passing plays), and our red zone efficiency needs to improve big time (key to that is the integration of Jimmy, and creative passing plays).