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Pete Carroll presser notes, Seahawks injury reports

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll spoke to reporters on Friday to give an update on the Seahawks injury situation and to address a few other things. Here are some notes on what he said. Originally published at Reddit.

Coach Carroll:


  • Bobby Wagner did get looks and got caught up on the game plan, it will be a game time decision.

  • Good chance Demarcus Dobbs will be back for us, we will be okay at DT with Jordan Hill out.

  • Frank Clark just got a slight (1st degree) strain of his hamstring in workouts. Will have to wait and see at game-day.

  • Brock Coyle has a sore knee, hope/expected he will play.

  • We haven't talked or seen Derrick Coleman at all, don't have any information. Right now just concerned with him being in a serious accident. We will see him tomorrow morning. We did have to shuffle some stuff losing him this week. He is a key player on special teams; Will Tukuafu will play at fullback.

  • When asked if it takes the situation being finished before they take him off of suspension: We are just waiting it out, we haven't been able to find out a word of what is going on. We will take it one step at a time.

  • Bobby is tough enough to play with his injury but we need to judge if it is the smart thing to do considering there is a Thursday Night Football game after this Sunday. Don't want it to get worse playing with it.

  • Nick Moody sprained his ankle on Wednesday in practice.

  • K.J. Wright has played MIKE a good while for us, not a big transition for him to move for this game. Calls for Kevin Pierre-Louis to jump up and play. Brock Coyle and Mike Morgan will help us as needed.

  • Marshawn Lynch looks back to full health. We had to send in the injury report (questionable) before he practiced. He is expected to play.

  • We are learning as we go how valuable the data is for players health (sports science) and have used that with Marshawn and his hamstring injury.

  • Tye Smith won't make it this week, should be back next week if he can get enough practice time to prove he is ready (short week next week with Thursday Night Football).

  • Gotta figure out Paul Richardson, if it was a normal week next week Pete would say yes he will practice next week but it is a short week next week. He is 100% ready to roll though.

  • Jeremy Lane isn't ready yet and is a couple weeks farther behind in process.

  • Carroll on CB Crezdon Butler: "He's preparing to play."

Relevant Tweets:

  • @ElisaHahnK5 Derrick Coleman's attorney says he's never seen someone in a case like this released w/out a bail hearing. Says it supports his innocence.

  • @ChrisDaniels5 Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman's attorney tells me charges "absolute b.s.", and says Bellevue PD failed to check him for head injury.



  • (CB) Marcus Burley (Hand)


  • (DT) Jordan Hill (Quadricepts)
  • (CB) Tye Smith (Hip)
  • (DE) Frank Clark (Hamstring)
  • (LB) Nick Moody (Ankle)


  • (DT) Demarcus Dobbs (Shoulder)
  • (LB) Brock Coyle (Knee)
  • (LB) Bobby Wagner (Pectoral)
  • (RB) Marshawn Lynch (Hamstring)


  • (LB) Kevin Pierre-Louis (Hamstring)
  • (DE) Michael Bennett (NIR)


  • @SheilKapadia Marshawn Lynch and Bobby Wagner officially questionable. Lynch expected to start. Wagner will be game-time decision.



  • (DE) Jared Allen (Back)
  • (T) Daryl Williams (Knee)
  • (LB) A.J. Klein (Concussion)


  • (TE) Richie Brockel (Hamstring)


  • (G) Amini Silatolu (Ankle)


  • (WR) Jerricho Cotchery (Ankle)
  • (LB) Luke Kuechly (Concussion) - Could see limited snaps vs the Seahawks

My Thoughts:

  • I am really pumped to get Marshawn Lynch back. Rawls proved himself in my eyes but I think Marshawn changes certain things because he is Beastmode, defenses have to respect him and they fear him. The play-action and read-option with Beastmode is the ultimate threat. Not just because it helps us win but I hope he comes out and gets good run blocking and he gets a 100 yard rushing day to prove he is still in great shape, that he hasn't fallen, he can do what he did for us last year.

  • Our passing attack has a bunch of issues right now, but I can't help but get pumped about getting Paul Richardson back. With the short week I kinda doubt he will get practice time but I wonder with the long week that follows if he will get to practice fully, and maybe even get to fly to Dallas and play against the Cowboys. But if not I won't cry a river, we better win that game considering the Cowboys will still be Romo-less. So Paul would get to practice for a long week, then get a Bye week to practice more, then get another full week to practice even more then play against the Cards (hugely important game).

  • Consider me 100% shocked if anything other than "The facts (negative blood test and TBI found by medical tests Coleman got after he was released from jail) reveal that Mr. Coleman fell asleep at the wheel while driving his truck, caused an accident, as of a result of the accident Mr. Coleman received a concussion that excuses his leaving the scene, no charges will be filed." is said at the end of this Coleman incident. I just hope the team gets the information they like and don't wait for everything to completely 100% play out (meaning a month minimum, considering that is how long it will take until his blood test results come back). I hope the team puts him through the concussion protocol and talks to him and gets him a CT scan and they believe him so they take him off suspension, allowing him to play against the 49ers or Cowboys.