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Seahawks vs. Panthers: 3 things to watch for in Seattle's matchup with Carolina

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Week six. Let's do this. (PS: I also have a special surprise for you at the end).

The Middle Linebacker Position

As you know, Bobby Wagner briefly left the game last Sunday with a shoulder injury. He quickly returned - but clearly didn't look right. Wagner is officially questionable on the Seahawks injury report. It appears a decision on Wagner will go all the way down to the wire. Pete Carroll mentioned sliding K.J. Wright into the middle linebacker spot, or maybe see about putting Kevin Pierre-Louis or Brock Coyle at that spot.

I'm confident the Seahawks' defense can limit the Panthers offense - but I would be much more confident if Bobby is playing. Whoever takes his spot, watch to see how they perform in coverage and against the run.

Special Teams

Special teams, for the most part, has been pretty good this season - mostly due to a dynamic new kick returner in Tyler Lockett. The big news over the weekend was Derrick Coleman's arrest in a vehicular assault case. He was released from jail - but will likely not be playing Sunday (until the Seahawks have more information on it, which could be weeks). He is currently suspended by the team.

His absence is crucial because his presence is critical in both blocking and coverage on special teams. This will be one key area to watch for tomorrow.

The Backfield

Marshawn Lynch is back. That's big news - as he's been pretty much absent the entire season due to a hamstring injury (which tend to stick around). Either way, I'm glad Pete rested him this long in an attempt to avoid any re-injury of the hamstring.

However, Thomas Rawls has balled out. He's proven he can make an impact. The split in carries will be fascinating. Will Lynch get all of them as they ease him back in? Watch closely how both backs perform on Sunday.

Who will you be watching come Sunday?


PS: So yesterday....I had my wisdom teeth taken out. And I may or may not have attempted to write this article while high as a kite on pain-killers. Enjoy.