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Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson spoke to the media following the Seahawks loss to the Panthers. Here are some notes on what was said, along with links to the video.

Coach Carroll:
Video Link
  • Where we are right now puts us in a tremendous amount of adversity. It calls on us to believe on the guys in the locker-room and what we are doing and to get things right. Very difficult loss, very challenging situation (for the season). We gotta win. We have to find ways to win. So many plays today that guys made in the secondary, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, the rush with Mike Bennett and Cliff Avril making things happen, we played really really hard. We got six games we should've won, we know that. We are challenged by this, what we do about it is important. These guys will hang, they will work together, put a good effort out on Thursday.

  • Has total confidence in this team, we have been through too much together. Tremendous leadership, guys that really care not just about football but one another.

  • Made a mistake on the calls on the last play. Guys got confused on the signal for the last TD play. Some players had one call, others a different call.

  • Doesn't see it that way (us struggling against TEs).

  • Bobby Wagner could have played, but it wasn't the right decision. Held him out in hope he can play Thursday.

  • Hasn't seen a common thread between the offenses who are beating us. They are making plays against us. It isn't just one style or one play.

  • Absolutely not having Bobby was a factor in the Panthers running the ball successfully. But next guy steps up. No excuse, Bobby is great so of course we miss him.

  • No question that Jimmy Graham made some plays with Russell. Made some terrific plays on rhythm too. Tremendous player that he is. It was a good job by Darrell Bevell and Tom to utilize him, for Russ to find him. Played a fantastic game.

  • For the sake of competition we thought Patrick Lewis deserved a chance to show us, we won every game we started with him last season (four games). Drew opened up the door for competition by continuing to learn and develop as his craft. Tom thought it was worth the competitive opportunity to give Patrick a shot.

  • Jon (Ryan) and (Steven) Hauschka are doing a great job, but we have gone quiet on ST even though we have a great threat back there, we have to fix that.

  • Marshawn battled his tail off, he didn't get a lot of space every run he did he gave it everything he had. He was running with the same kind of ferocity he always does but he didn't get the same opportunities to get in the clear.

Russell Wilson:
Video Link
  • Ultimately we have to be better, as a team, and on offense we have to convert on 3rd down and score in the red zone.

  • We did a lot of great things, we didn't do enough great things. There were a lot of things we could have done better, myself included.

  • Obviously Jimmy is a big time threat, obviously you can see what he can do. Part of my job is to continue to find ways to get the ball to other guys as well.

  • Once we click I really believe it will be hard to stop us.

Relevant Tweets:
  • @Softykjr @ChuckPowellKJR asked Earl about the communication in the secondary on last play: "There is no communication right now."

  • @gbellseattle LB Bruce Irvin on Carolina's winning TD pass amid #Seahawks' coverage miscommunication: "They caught us sleeping"

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Sherman, Thomas, Williams, Chancellor and Shead had about a 20-minute discussion at their lockers after the game.

  • @thomasbeekers Yeah, Seahawks are a poor team, but have led in 4th in all games. That's not a sign of a completely derailed team you can't fix

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Earl Thomas: "it's very frustrating. Especially when you know we had them. We don't suck. We know who we are. We're not finishing."

My Thoughts:

  • Damn, well first off something is fundamentally flawed with this Defense in the 4th quarter. Especially against tight ends. Thankfully we have the talent, calls & communication can be cleaned up, players can find that finishing mentality again (we found it after we went 3-3 last season). So I will just stick with hoping that we find it before this season is over and hope we can get a wild card spot and make a play for the Super Bowl that way. All it takes is cleaning that stuff up in the 4th quarter and we are beating teams how we used to.

  • What sucks the most is there was so much great stuff to love in this game. Our pass protection was actually quite solid today in the first three quarters. That pass pro gave time for Russell to throw deep and explosive passes. That first scoring drive was classic Seahawks offense with a deep shot then play-action then a Russell keeper or two then some nice completions to Chris Matthews, Jimmy Graham and Luke Willson. Then in the red zone we punch it in with a Marshawn run. Speaking of Marshawn, he looked 100% like himself out there, with all of his moves and explosion and speed. That is a good thing. Rawls also looked good with his attempt(s). Wow, Jimmy Graham, that was impressive. That would have been impressive even if he was a Saint getting thrown the ball by Brees. Lastly that Tyler Lockett bomb, wow, what a throw and dammit Tyler was so close. There will be a time this season when that connects and Tyler will have a 60+ yard TD reception.

  • Jimmy Graham had 8 receptions on 12 targets for 140 yards. Realize that is a really good game even if he was still a Saint in 2012 or 2013. I think our expectations going forward should be that a 5-6 target game with 50 yards receiving is a decent game for us with him. A 6-8 target game with 70 yards receiving (& a TD) is a really good game for us with him. A 8-12 target game with 80+ yards receiving and a TD is a great game for us with him. Anything more is an epic game with Jimmy, and him having two TD's in a game is always possible given his talent in the red zone once we get there and start throwing fades and jump balls to him successfully.