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3000 NFL Mock Draft: Guest Danny Kelly of "" talks Seahawks

Talking Hawks and a whole lot more.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, our guest was Danny Kelly, a writer from a Seahawks website called "" The "gulls" part is a punt. In football, teams will often kick "field goals" to net an extra three marking points, and the Seahawks are a bird potentially of the "gull" family. But switching out the term "goals" for "gulls," you're essentially using their homophonic principles to showcase the fun word play of being able to associate a football term with your football team.

Kelly joined us to talk about the Seahawks loss to the Panthers on Sunday, their chances this week against the 49ers, what they can do in the draft to improve next season, and much more. Halfway through the show, Danny departs and Rob and I continue our discussion about the Hawks, as well as talking about the agony of losing in the way that Michigan lost on Saturday, why everyone else is now noticing Paxton Lynch like Rob did a week earlier, why Leonard Fournette is the most unique college football player since Andrew Luck, who Shon Coleman is and why Rob's the first to call him a "top 10 pick" let alone a first rounder, why Teddy Bridgewater is getting overrated, why the Cougs are better than the Huskies, and much, much more.

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