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Pete Carroll Monday press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spoke to the media on Monday afternoon, and talked about a variety of subjects. Here are some notes on what was discussed. Originally published over at Reddit.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Pete is pretty hopeful LB Bobby Wagner will play on Thursday. Trainers think he has a chance to play for us.

  • "We've got to get better at the end... We are seeing the other teams really elevate and out-do us in the 4th quarter."

  • "This is a legitimate challenge, this is adversity."

  • Carroll reiterates the blown defense at end was just players missing one call. Says not sign of bigger communication issues or coaching change or Kam Chancellor missing camp.

  • Has a long history with the turnover "thing", doesn't understand how we aren't winning when we have a positive turnover ratio. Execution that gets us the lead just needs to continue.

  • Says overall communication on field has been solid. Feeling tuned in.

  • Carroll says the players getting paid does have an impact, as does maturing and being in a contract year etc. The players change every year, the philosophy and tools shouldn't.

  • Pete Carroll says he's coming with "everything I've got, everything I've ever seen or done" to reach Seahawks players now.

  • Hasn't been in this situation before with a really good team.

  • Russell Wilson did some really good things, he competed like crazy. As we always see there were some connections that could have been made, we are doing badly at converting 3rd downs. Russell needs to help us there.

  • We are not converting, seeing red zone issues as 3rd down problems. Sense that it is the lack of 3rd down conversions down there that is the problem. Patrick Lewis got banged up in the game, not sure if he will play. Saw an improvement, saw protection and scheme and communication better there (ankle and knee bothering him, no MRI results yet)

  • Felt Jimmy Graham sensed the movement of the QB very well, the connection between them was evident, Jimmy had a fantastic game. He is not far off from his numbers he has had in the past (as a Saint). Because he is a good player. Exciting execution on a couple balls down the middle as well as the scramble plays.

  • Russell is impacted by his sacks naturally. There are only a couple plays a game when he could have hung in the pocket, sometimes when he sees the flash happen his instinct is to move, he is really good at moving to throw, but it does factor in some. We are trying to quiet that down some, but he does make plays when he moves.

  • Carroll says no decision yet on Paul Richardson returning to practice this week.

  • We will lift the suspension on Derrick Coleman as soon as possible, don't know the timing. We don't have any information for us, other than to know the basics and fundamentals. He has to clear the doctors before we know if he plays this week. We talked to him, saw the video meeting with the police, "we feel like we are doing the right thing."

  • Gilliam has an ankle injury we have to tend to, Tyler Lockett got a hip we have to tend to, Frank Clark and some other guys will be coming back.

  • Return game hasn't been very productive lately, there has been a bit of a shift of the core of the ST unit being banged up (Coleman, Brock Coyle) but we have to catch up and make it work with the guys we got. The opposing teams are also trying very hard to prevent our ST from being productive, kicking the ball out of the back of the end zone and such.

  • Always feel we need to make calls that help the players, it isn't all on the players executing.

  • Carroll says last play call did not come in late. Notes Carolina had spiked it so there was a huddle.

  • Carroll said he can't think of another instance where Earl Thomas didn't know what they play call was, in reference to final TD.

  • Tye Smith will be back, Marcus Burley will be another week.

  • "I'm flattered by USC wanting me back, I love USC, it's a great place. ... but that's not happening. We're in good shape here."

Relevant Tweets:

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Earl Thomas said he thinks they've been distracted in some areas. Called today a big day for them.