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Real in the Field Gulls: Previewing Seahawks-49ers with Niners Nation

Seahawks! Niners! This is supposed to be exciting every year! So why am I so depressed?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's time for another Thursday night game between the Seahawks and 49ers, as well as time for another episode of the Real in the Field Gulls preview show. Joining us this week is a familiar name, David Fucillo from Niners Nation.

"Fooch" has been covering the 49ers for a very long time so he's seen all the ups and downs. This week, we talk about the downs, obviously. Everything from the inconsistent play of Colin Kaepernick (and yes, whether or not he will be back next season), the draft history of Trent Baalke, the decline of Vernon Davis, the impact of Carlos Hyde, the importance of a game between two 2-4 teams, whether or not the 49ers can ever win a Super Bowl with Jed York, and much, much more.

Danny and Kenneth also get down to business for the first half of the show talking about San Francisco's DVOA ranking (it's dead last) and how we view the 49ers abysmal performance for two-thirds of their games thus far.

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Thanks as always to David Fagerholm for writing and producing the kickass intro song!