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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts 'Cast, Week 7

Brent is back and the guys dive into the themes surrounding the surprisingly 2-4 Seattle Seahawks in this week's broadcast.

Super glad you ain't dead, man.
Super glad you ain't dead, man.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

After taking a week off for his daughter's birthday, Brent rejoins Matt and I to talk about Seattle's latest 4th quarter collapse. I really enjoyed this episode not only because we took a more thematic approach to what we're seeing from the Seahawks but because we get to hear from both Brent and Matt, who attended the game in person.

At no point in the last three plus seasons have we seen such divided opinions with regards to where the Seahawks are at as a team and, as Matt says in the show, this week probably represents the greatest challenge that Pete Carroll has faced in his Seattle tenure. Really appreciate the input of these two and I hop y'all enjoy the show.

As always, a huge thanks to the Glow Nightclub in downtown Bellingham for being such excellent hosts and taking such good care of us and it was really cool to see a crowd show up for the taping. We'll be back there next Wednesday at 7:00 if y'all wanna come out and join us for the show.

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