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Seahawks take 17-point lead, decide to hold onto it: Instant Reaction podcast

They didn't blow it!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm not gonna do, what you all think I'm gonna do, which is FLIP OUT!" -- Seahawks Maguire

The Seahawks were expected to win in Santa Clara on Thursday night, expected to perhaps even take a lead as big as 17 points because the 49ers are so bad this season, and that's exactly what they did. However, they were also expected to beat the Panthers and Rams, plus they held a 17-point lead against the Bengals.

Nothing is safe.

However, this week on short rest and on the road (always dangerous, no matter how much Colin Kaepernick decides to Colin Kaepernick), Seattle held leads of 17-0 and 20-3 against the Niners ... and that was the end of the gosh dang story. Thank Gosh.

Danny and Kenneth did what they do every week, which is sit down together after the game and talk about what just happened. This time we could finally talk about stuff that made us happy! Also, find out Kenneth's "Movie Pick of the Week" at the end of the show.

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