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Seahawks beat Niners: Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson press conference notes

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson talked to reporters following the Seahawks win over the 49ers in Santa Clara. Here are some notes on what was said.

Coach Carroll:

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  • Good trip for us. To turn this around in a few days. Handle the challenge of the week. The attitude was really good going into it. Good solid win. Always great to win on the road and in the division. The defense played really well all night, and a great night rushing the passer, highlighted by Michael Bennett. Nice to see us run again, Marshawn Lynch had a solid night tonight, the guys upfront did a good job too. Terrific play pass to get Tyler Lockett the ball down field, great pass by Russell Wilson. Like to get out of here, get a little break then play Dallas.

  • That is the way it is supposed to be, to finish the game like normal. We should finish the game like that.

  • It felt like a really normal Seahawk night tonight. Was great to have that opening drive, running the ball a lot and getting a touchdown.

  • We had some good fortune with the I-formation with Will Tukuafu. Will is doing a great job, doing stuff for us on defense as well. We are going to continue to see that grow.

  • Michael Bennett was causing problems by getting off the LOS really well, Cliff Avril had a really good night too. Mike is such a disrupter.

  • "I was really disappointed in the long ball. That's too bad. We don't need to do that" in regards to Russell throwing the INT. He thought he had something but we don't need to throw the ball up like that. The other one to Doug Baldwin, he lost track of what was going on, that was a mistake. But the last one he threw up like that one (Kearse) was against the Cards in his first game or something.

  • Gary Gilliam came into the game with a sore ankle so we had prepared Alvin Bailey to play, so they were in and out a little bit. Didn't want to pull the whole load of the game on Gary. We need to do better on the edge.

  • Cary Williams played against the other guy for a long time (Boldin, they were former teammates) so we had Sherman follow (Torrey Smith).

  • The players responded well coming back on Monday. Their attitude was they are ready to go at it and look forward. It is a huge asset when you have the ability to focus like that. Everybody had the right mentality and attitude.

  • First drive just got Lynch a bit, gassed him, he went back in and was fine.

  • Thomas Rawls got a strain or bruise on his calf.

  • Russell Okung is fine.

  • Tyler Lockett did a nice job tonight. Unfortunately we can't shake lose on the returns, we will have to get right there. The execution of the pass and catch was perfect. One of the best plays of the year. Last week we missed it. We hope to continue to find him deep, he is a big threat.

  • Doesn't even want to talk about winning again with the turnover battle lost (-2). Doesn't have the brain space to think about it. Hopes it will turn around.

  • Felt like the turf really gave out on Russ sliding.

  • We haven't been able to take advantage of Richard Sherman in the nickel spot much but he can do it and we are excited.

  • Marshawn was a little rusty, he had a couple of plays he could fix. It was just great to have him back, he is a big asset to us.

  • He (Kelcie McCray) has been really good, he has been a great standout for us on ST. Has become a real leader production wise.

Russell Wilson:

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  • It was a great game. Besides those two INT plays we were lights out. We understood what we were trying to do.

  • Going on the road is huge, playing a NFCW team, getting a win is big time. We clicked on all three cylinders tonight. Nice to have the three days off and get better as a collective group.

  • Tyler is a special player. It was good to finally good one. He can absolutely fly. The O-line did a good job protecting on that play.

  • Thinks he handcuffed the Hawks on the INT's. Tried to give Kearse a chance down the field. Thinks Kearse thought Russ started scrambling (why he slowed down). Good thing is we were in attack mode.

  • O-line did a great job, Marshawn was physical, was pretty cool to watch 24 run the ball the way he does.

  • Fred Jackson can do it all. Escaping, getting to the flat, catching the ball and getting the first down and getting out of bounds.

  • We want to finish the game the right way, we have been so close, we have lost four games right at the end. We can't get too high from the win though, celebrate for a day or two but then get back on track and go 1-0 every week.

  • We really grouped together after the tough loss. We choose to believe, that is our motto the past week. Believe we will find a way, that we have a great football team. We had walk-through the whole week, didn't move around much. Coach gave us a chance to play fast tonight and we did.

  • Michael Bennett and Russell have talked a few days before the Panthers loss. About why not believe in each other and the process. Just because we lost some tough games that isn't reason to jump ship. Take one game at a time, say the right things, trust each other and have fun while playing.

  • Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, I couldn't imagine playing those guys. They are tough. They make plays, get to the QB. They make it tough on the opposing offense. It is a cool thing to watch.

  • The second INT, we had a deep play, Jermaine probably got confused, thought he was scrambling, felt the timing was off, tried to give him a chance. It is okay, I guess it is a long punt. Just giving those guys a chance, be in attack mode.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @Softykjr Just asked Michael Bennett what it feels like to have the kind of game he did: "Feels like multiple orgasms."

  • @gbellseattle Kam Chancellor, asked if #Seahawks have their vibe back "We're on the verge. We're in the right direction"

My Thoughts:

  • Well, it is great to get the win and to not fall apart in the 4th quarter. I do have my concerns in regards to whether we played quite well or the 9ers are just so bad that they never stood a chance. I can't really say we will find out against the Cowboys because they have a backup QB starting and possibly no Dez Bryant.

  • Was really nice to see Marshawn out there doing his Marshawn thing. He looks like 2014 Marshawn which is a great thing. Was cool to see Rawls do his Rawls thing (aka look real good and do some really nice stuff). The Marshawn-Rawls 1-2 punch seems to be significantly more potent than the Marshawn-Turbin 1-2 punch. Fred Jackson looks to still be effected by his injury, looks a little slow and not very explosive. Hopefully long week helps him and the rest of the team get healthy, then we can play the Cowboys then go into the Bye and get healthy again, come out of it and play the Cards.

  • Loved seeing Tyler Lockett get his first TD, and of course it was a deep ball down the field. I can't wait for Paul Richardson to get back and we can have two legit receivers who are burners on the field at the same time.