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Cowboys Dez Bryant "50/50" for Seahawks game this Sunday

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Will Dez Bryant play against the Seahawks this Sunday? We'll probably have to wait until later in the week to find out. The Seahawks will likely prepare this week with the thought that Bryant will play, of course, but right now, per FOX's Mike Garafolo:

A source with knowledge of the training staff's assessment of Bryant told FOX Sports it's "50/50" right now whether he plays against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The source also said, if Bryant can't make it this week, the Cowboys fully expect Bryant to be on the field the following week against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Garafolo added:

Jay Glazer reported on Sunday morning Bryant experienced pain his foot after doing some work last week. Glazer also suggested the Cowboys wait until the bone is fully healed before Bryant plays, but the team's belief he'll be ready in the next two weeks (which would be eight weeks removed from surgery) indicates it knows it won't be fully healed. It actually takes a few months after surgery for a Jones fracture to fully heal.

So, we'll see. The Cowboys look to be in the early stages of desperation-mode in trying to save their season after they lost their fourth straight game on Sunday, and it wouldn't surprise me to see Bryant try to rush a comeback because of the way things have gone without him and Tony Romo out there. It may not be up to him, though.

With the way that things are going in the NFC East, Dallas is nowhere near being out of the playoff race this early on, so the team's coaches and doctors may veto any attempts he makes to get on the field. It's an interesting situation to monitor.