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Pete Carroll press conference notes

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Pete Carroll talked to reporters Monday afternoon after Seahawks practice. Here are some notes on what he said.

Coach Carroll:

  • Pete Carroll says it is not out of the question Paul Richardson could play this week. They will take it a day at a time with him. He returned to practice (fully) this week and "looked lightning fast. Guys have been raving about him in the training workouts, he's been top speed for some time now worked him really hard. So they think he is going to be able to withstand the practice mode. Just have to see how he takes to it and where he is." Carroll said.

  • Carroll said they think Jeremy Lane can get back to practice after the bye week.

  • Thomas Rawls has a calf bruise/contusion. He should return on Thursday and they'll see how he progresses throughout the week. He has a chance to play.

  • Derrick Coleman has been cleared to return to practice (concussion).

  • Pete says Seahawks expect Patrick Lewis to return this week from game missed (ankle injury), Carroll said for now the team will keep three centers and take it from there.

  • Pete says Demarcus Dobbs, Nick Moody and Jordan Hill all should be back this week.

  • Pete says Marcus Burley should be back this week and play against Dallas. Says team will prepare as if Dez Bryant will play for Dallas. He practiced last week one day with a cast on his injury and "looked good," Carroll said.

Relevant Tweets:

  • @gbellseattle Paul Richardson: "I had to learn to walk again" after second knee reconstruction. Was in a wheelchair the week Seahawks were in AZ at Super Bowl.

  • @Curtis_Crabtree Paul Richardson smiled and said he's "definitely faster" than he was before his injury. Said he's been timed and knows he's faster.

My Thoughts:

  • My God Paul...are you drinking like all of Russell's Recovery Water stock? How the hell do you run a 4.28 40-yard dash pre-Draft with a reconstructed knee then come back from having that knee reconstructed again and you are "definitely faster" than you were before the injury? I don't think he is lying but I just can't believe that until Pete or Paul tells us an official 40 time they clocked of him going faster than 4.28 seconds.

  • I love hearing about all the guys we get back, if we can come out of the Cowboys game with no one critically injured (IR worth or out a few weeks worth) then we will be in a very pretty situation going into our bye, out of our bye to a full week culminating in the second most important game of our season on Sunday (Cards). Having everybody on the roster but Lane healthy and able to play that game would be amazing.

  • While Paul doesn't have a clear spot to make the active game day roster and contribute on the field (unless they feel he can add so much as a WR he is worth activating in place of say Matthews or Lockette, big ST contributors) I still like getting him back because he is fantastic WR depth. Imagine us losing Kearse for three weeks or maybe even the rest of the season, and instead of a practice-squad guy getting called up, Paul Richardson starts getting playing time. That is great depth. The odds we play 16 weeks of football and hopefully some playoff games with no injures to our WR's are low, so having Paul on the bench ready to come in and contribute in a big way is awesome.

  • Would be great if in getting all of these guys back our ST once again looked solid and was able to open up running lanes for Tyler, helping us get fantastic field position or maybe even a return TD. Getting Coleman back is key to that, Moody is important for that as well.