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Michael Bennett with Jim Rome: "Sometimes you lose close games to good teams, and you just got to stay focused"

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bennett (and Cliff Avril, and Brandon Mebane on speaker phone as the trio drove around) was on the Jim Rome show this week, and it was a very entertaining interview, as per usual with Bennett.

Rome asked him about Adrian Peterson's dip controversy ("If you can dip on the sideline you should be able to smoke cigarettes during the game") and about the Seahawks overcoming adversity.

"Just stay focused on the big picture," he said. "You lose some games, but you just got to stay on top of it. When you start losing and everybody starts looking the other way and pointing fingers, then usually you're going to have a losing season. But if you're losing and make adjustments you can have a winning season."

Bennett said the team is relying on their veterans to keep the focus where it needs to be.

"We got a lot of young players on our team. We usually have a lot of veterans, but at this point we've lost a lot of veterans over the last two years. So we just have to keep everybody in the mind state of winning. Sometimes you lose close games to good teams, and you just got to stay focused," Bennett said. "I think over time we've had so much success people aren't use to losing, so when you start to lose a couple games, people don't know how to handle it."

Listen in here --> Michael Bennett on Jim Rome Show