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Pete Carroll, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett presser notes

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, cornerback Richard Sherman, and defensive end Michael Bennett spoke to the media on Wednesday. Here are some notes, with links to the video, on what they said.

Coach Carroll:

Video Link

  • Been a good break for our guys. We will have a lot of guys practicing tomorrow. Feeling good about that. Always a good matchup with these guys [the Cowboys], great program and team and place to play. A team that calls on us to play solid ball, they can run the ball and pass protect and be balanced. They have a good offensive line and good runners. Want to get evened up going into the bye (4-4).

  • Securing the position, not knowing about Thomas Rawls (nasty calf thing [not sure if bruise or strain yet] and how he will come out, he might even have a chance to return this week but there is uncertainty) is what led to signing RB Bryce Brown. We have known Brown for a long time (recruiting), John and Pete both saw a spark running the football. He is a strong tough kid too. Can't tell to much until we see him on the field the next few days.

  • Michael Bennett is playing terrific football. He has been very consistent with his productivity, not just getting after the passer but in run defense. He is an explosive player. Don't think he is doing anything different, he has been playing really good football.

  • Things are going okay. We have a good rotation with the D-line, we are able to keep them fresh enough. They are feeling physically well, feel like we are in good shape. Everybody at that spot is participating.

  • The Cowboys have put the money in (three #1 picks) into their O-line. They have a really good group, they made a commitment to it and it is paying off for them.

  • Pete doesn't have what it is nailed with Paul Richardson on what he can show to play this week. Just wants to watch him. Have already seen how explosive he looks, is extremely fast. Just has to feel it, does he make mistakes? Get tightened up from the workload? (Doesn't think that will happen because he has worked hard). Nothing specific more of a feel.

  • Paul is really fast, can catch really well, can run his routes really well, has a great catching range and is a very competitive-minded kid. Most special is how fast he is and how he can get out of breaks. He showed that late in the year, making big catches and running precision routes.

  • We need to see how a lot of guys respond to practice to see who is healthy, though we expect that they will be ready to play. We expect a full roster to choose from which is good at the mid point of the season. (Demarcus Dobbs, Jordan Hill, Nick Moody, etc)

  • We will figure it out in regards to where Paul fits in the WR rotation. He has all kinds of strengths so there is no limitation on what he can do. We will see how it goes.

  • Excited about how we are running the ball with the O-line. We are showing some consistency. How we are getting off the ball with the speed and attitude we like, how we are playing on the LOS, hoping we can keep adding to that. We have been running the ball the past 3-4 games really consistently.

  • Drew Nowak is at Center for now. Patrick Lewis will practice in limited fashion, will practice fully tomorrow and then battle for the spot this week. We will see what happens there.

  • Marshawn Lynch likes space to run, he's good, but he has always been a tail back, a downhill guy. Thinks if you ask him he would say he prefers being behind the QB. But has made a lot of yards off-set (shotgun). He has good versatility, and very natural at everything we are doing. Pete likes when we are coming out of that position, coming downhill (I-formation). Thinks that is what is showing up more now, us coming downhill more at people, we are feeling the LOS more how we like to.

  • Feels horrible that we are still "trying to get there", it is too long into the season. If we can turn it now, get that going, try to make a big push, keep focusing on one week at a time. It isn't like a battle cry "Let's get to .500!", that isn't how we talk.

  • Our consistency, converting is how we can run downhill successfully, how the play-pass works off of that and the naked's. It has always been the core of our run game.

  • Think we play aggressive outside on defense and so they attack the middle and underneath and so tight ends are used. The tight ends we have played are also really good, that is what leads to tight ends showing up against our defense. We would like to do better against those guys.

Richard Sherman:

Video Link

  • Getting the three days off came at a good point. We had played a couple of games, are seven games into the season, almost at the mid way point. Guys' bodies need a rest, had two games in a week. The days off help guys get back quickly.

  • Doesn't know when he is going to follow a #1 WR until the day of the game. It is a fun challenge to go out there and matchup. It is just fun to go out there and challenge yourself every play.

  • Didn't learn anything he didn't know after following Dez last year when Bryon Maxwell went down.

  • When in the slot, the thinking changes slightly because of the route options a slot receiver has. The footwork stays the same.

  • Can't act like he cares now that he is following when he said he didn't care before when he wasn't following. Didn't care then and still don't. All about helping our team, doing whatever he is asked to do. Never been a selfish player.

  • Knew he'd follow the #1 WR against the 49ers a day before the game.

  • Only has to study one guy when you follow a #1 WR, when you don't follow you have to study everybody (4-5 guys).

  • Earl Thomas is a 97 when the scale is 1-10 in the passion department. He is passionate about how he plays, how he approaches the game, every play you can depend on him. Thinks it is contagious. He is a really fun guy to play with. He wants everybody to feed off his energy.

  • Would agree K.J. Wright is playing the best of his career, but has always played very, very good football. This year he is playing mistake-free. He isn't missing tackles, he is getting into the backfield, he is sniffing out screens. Hopefully he will get recognized. Same could be said for our kicker, he is playing great football, I don't know what it takes to get ST player of the week. He is 4-4 with 50+ kicks (14-14 overall) and Sherman doesn't think anyone else has done that this season. What does it take to get recognition?

  • Unfortunately we haven't seen Michael Bennett do the sack dance "Thanks League"-sarcasm. He is the NFL sack leader. Thinks this year he is getting the breaks so he gets the sacks, sometimes in a year the QB slips from you and gets sacked by someone else or goes the other direction.

  • Regarding Bennett's contract and wanting more money, Sherman says he quotes Bennett; "I've got kids to feed." Will always give 110% when he is on the field with his shoulder pads on. Nothing effects how he plays on the football field. He has a family and he understands his priorities.

  • Just noticed Bennett's shoulder pads are what they are. Thinks Mike doesn't need shoulder pads. (Was asked who has bigger shoulder pads, Haushka or Bennett).

Michael Bennett:

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  • Feels the same to get the award. Only thing that really matters is the win at this point, trying to get back to where we want to be at.

  • Think we play well as a team, on defense everyone was gelling. Not having everybody in training camp and finally having time together to get acclimated and gel together.

  • Together Mike Bennet and Cliff Avril have been really great here together. Been in the Super Bowl twice, are great friends off the field. We work well together.

  • Cliff is Left-End, Bruce wants to rush there a couple times but hasn't been allowed to, that is a different story. Mike is always left 3-T on the left side. Cliff does his things, we try to do our thing, we try to make big plays as we can.

  • This is a game where there will be a great challenge, going up against that Cowboys' O-line.

  • Doesn't know that his sack dance is illegal per-se, but Pete made is clear that Von (Miller) got fined for his sack dance which is "three pumps." Mike says he is trying to keep it at "1.5 pumps."

  • Doesn't know how 1.5 pumps gets you out of trouble, but you can have a baby from 1 pump, is what I hear.

  • Kinda ironic Dez Bryant was the one telling Hardy to not have a outburst when Dez is the one known for having outbursts. But maybe he is changing. Gotta find out how to be a great leader, it takes time.

  • Still has issues with his contract. When he came into the season he said he would leave it behind him, and play focused on playing the best he can and winning a championship. Focusing on other stuff clouds our focus. Other stuff like Kam holding out and the end of the last Super Bowl clouded our focus. We are a young team and success was like a drug where you wanted a little more and a little more, but we needed to realize that success comes from the hard work of a lot of people, a lot of people putting in a lot of work. You have to learn that, and keep focusing. Thinks we have learned that now. That only us out there matter.

  • Think we are evolving every year, as a teammate people change and your personalities change. They go through different things, have family members die, have a new baby, as a teammate and a leader you have to communicate with your team.

  • It is all about believing, in the play-call, when you have doubt that clouds your judgment. When you are a Seahawk you get every other teams best, they mark it up, it is like a Superbowl to them. They want to show it is a turning point for their team. We can't let anything mess up our judgment, it is all about believing, believing that Russ will make that throw, that Kearse will make the catch, that Graham will make the catch, that Okung will make his block, and that Bennett is not going to jump off-sides. Just cause someone messes up you can't stop believing. You gotta keep believing, that he is who he is and without him we wouldn't be where we are.

  • Think a lot of Mike's success is how fast he gets off the ball, but thinks a lot is how much he studies and his study of the game.

  • At this point he just wants to win games (when asked about his snap count load). Having been to the Super Bowl twice, anything less than getting back is a waste of time. If we are gonna be here, lets go to the dance. If not we should just stay home. If we are gonna do this, let's go all the way. Lets go out there and whoop asses and go home and watch TV, watch The Walking Dead.

  • Thinks we have been great in games, but thinks miscommunication is when the fire starts turning high. In the past we didn't do that, the communication was great. Thinks we are back at that level. When you look at the games, the Panthers -- we were leading the whole time, stopping them defensively. The Bengals was a low scoring game until the 4th quarter. They didn't have many yards. Only 7 points until the 4th quarter. Just gotta keep grinding. Mike loves Earl. He is genuinely happy, this is what he loves to do. His passion is what drives the team, Kam's hits is what drives the team but Earl's passion is too. Makes you love him as a teammate.

  • When asked what is Cliff like, because he doesn't get a lot of notoriety: Cliff has a lot of money, a lot of nice cars, thinks he gets a lot of notoriety. He is a good guy, he can be A-holish every once in a while, he makes jokes, but he is my best friends in general. Talk to him all of the time. He is a great guy, he makes a lot of plays. Thinks he gets over-looked because there are so many superstars on defense.

  • Michael Bennett, what was your favorite Halloween costume growing up? "A black man."

Seahawks Wednesday Practice Report:

Did Not Participate:

  • (RB) Marshawn Lynch (Hamstring) - Usually doesn't practice on Wednesdays
  • (RB) Thomas Rawls (Calf)

Limited Participation:

  • (C) Patrick Lewis (Ankle)
  • (DE) Cliff Avril (Ankle)
  • (DT) Demarcus Dobbs (Shoulder)
  • (DT) Jordan Hill (Quadriceps)
  • (LB) Nick Moody (Ankle)
  • (FB) Derrick Coleman (Concussion)

Full Participation:

  • (T) Russell Okung (Toe)
  • (CB) Marcus Burley (Hand)