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Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas press conference notes

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Notes from Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas' Thursday press conferences:

Russell Wilson:

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  • Taking care of your body is really important especially when you play in the NFL (in regards to 10 hours of massages a week). Has done is since his rookie year. It is in the schedule of his week.

  • Every year is a different year, you go through ups and downs. We are handling it in a great way. Very humble about it, we are playing some very tough teams. We are excited about going 1-0 every week.

  • Think we are making a lot of great plays on Offense. We are doing a better job on 3rd downs, keeping in 3rd and short situations. Think we are definitely getting better every week. For me, if we eliminate a couple of those turnovers we will do an even better job. We gotta keep working on our red-zone.

  • The guy made a great play to pick off Russ when he threw it to Doug. The second one was just a miscommunication, trying to give Jermaine Kearse a chance. It is an easy fix to eliminate those two, it's not a problem.

  • Has 100% trust in Kearse, that is why Russ gives him a chance. He will keep giving him a chance. But Kearse says he thought Russ was starting to scramble, which makes sense. By the time Kearse realized the ball was already in the air.

  • It always takes time to get back in rhythm with a receiving [like Paul Richardson] coming back later in the season. He is such a great football player. He has looked unbelievable this week. He runs so fast, catches so well, can run every route in the books. Everyone on the team is so happy for him. He has come back with such class and worth ethic, great to see him out there with a smile on his face.

  • Think we have so many great receivers, Paul is just another fast guy who can make plays. He takes tons of notes and asks lots of questions. You look forward to having him back on the field, #10 is gonna make a lot of plays for us.

  • Doesn't think it will take too long at all to get the rapport back with Paul. He has been in every meeting when he isn't in rehab. He will be ready to go. Not nervous about him being out there. Will have an unbelievable season and career.

  • Paul is so detail oriented, how he runs his routes, he wants to make sure it is at the right time, he always gets his depth, he comes out of it quickly, he has phenomenal hands, he runs like a 4.28, you know? So the guy can really run but he isn't just a fast guy, he knows how to really play the game and play receiver.

  • The boot-legs this season have an extra defender waiting "over there," but the positive is we are getting some big runs because of it. They have that extra guy "over there" so he isn't defending the run. Taking advantage of those opportunities when we do get them.

  • Not concerned with the sack count (31). Some are on him he says, some are counted as a sack but aren't a big deal (running back to the LOS and getting grabbed and falling 1 yard before the LOS). Sometimes sacks aren't the worst thing in the world, it is better to get sacked than turnover the ball.

  • Tyler is doing a phenomenal job getting in and out of his breaks and finding areas to get open and finding me in the scramble drill.

  • Sees the ability to go 4-4 going into a bye as having weathered the storm.

Earl Thomas:

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  • Earl grew up a Cowboys fan living in Texas. It is part of his dream to play at the Cowboys stadium. Looked up to Emmitt Smith, "he was very short but very tough."

  • Is a real live football player, doesn't really have the social skills, when he is out there that is when he can really socialize.

  • Thinks the big thing about Sherman following the #1 is it is a clear conscience, Earl doesn't have to worry about the #1 guy. When asked if he is in favor of Sherman following the #1 guy "Of course, both hands up."

  • Growth is how he would assess the season so far. Is glad the season played out how it did (without Kam, feeling he played timid). Says he is glad because if it hadn't happen he wouldn't have gotten over his fears, he'd still be the same.

  • When asked what he would be doing if he wasn't a pro football player, "I'd be playing football."

  • Thinks pulling his socks up in the 9er game (reference to Mic'ed up) made him look taller.

  • Really doesn't care about the Cowboys having a backup QB and maybe having Dez back. It is about what we do, focusing on us. It always just matters about us, the way we communicate, everybody sees the game different, bring that week of preparation to that game, and when everybody is communicating like that we can adjust to anything, that string can't be cut.

  • Think Cliff and Mike B feed off each other really well, they are very very smart, we ask them to drop to coverage sometimes, they are very versatile. Cliff can't beat Earl in ping-pong, they always play ping-pong.

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