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Seahawks beat 49ers, look ahead to Cowboys: Cigar Thoughts 'Cast, Week 8

Jacson is joined by Field Gulls editor-in-chief Danny Kelly and former collegiate all-conference / national champion offensive lineman Matt Nichols to discuss the Seahawks big win in San Francisco as well as preview their upcoming matchup at Dallas.

With my cohort Brent Cole out with what is either the flu or ebola, I was joined once more by Danny Kelly and Matt Nichols. It was an absolute pleasure to have these two great football minds on set to chat with. We start off by reviewing Seattle's big divisional win in San Francisco; among the topics we cover are:

*Seattle's switch to a predominantly Power-I running game
*Marshawn Lynch's performance
*The play-action game
*Seahawks best defensive performance of the year
*Michael Bennett stomping jabronis
*Does this win say more about where the Seahawks are at or about where the 49ers are?

We also take some time to look ahead to Seattle's big road game in Dallas this Sunday, discussing, among other things:

*The effect of Dez Bryant's performance
*Does Matt Cassel stand a chance?
*Have the Seahawks "found themselves"?

But hey, you guys didn't come here to read, so let's get to it. Enjoy, and cheers!

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