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Seahawks vs. Cowboys: 3 things to watch in Seattle's matchup with Dallas

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween fellow Field Gullers! Just a friendly reminder that any weight gained this week does not count - so I welcome you to indulge yourself in a candy coma for the ages.

Last week I correctly called a long touchdown reception for Tyler Lockett. No big deal. This week - we're looking to continue the streak. Tyler Lockett will return a punt for a touchdown on Sunday against Dallas. Book it.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

Russell Okung/Alvin Bailey

After initially being ruled as doubtful with a toe injury, Pete Carroll clarified Okung's status for Sunday as questionable. Regardless, Okung is far and away the best Seahawks' offensive lineman -- especially in pass protection. Alvin Bailey, on the other hand, is a straight liability, or was last week at right tackle, anyway.

If Okung plays, watch to see if this toe injury bothers him in pass or run protection. If Alvin Bailey plays, I hope you have booze by your side. Either way, the Seahawks offensive line can't take any more hits -- as they already lack competence in the position group. Watch the left tackle position tomorrow.

Garry Gilliam and Okung/Bailey vs. Greg Hardy

Credit to Davis Hsu for highlighting this matchup on twitter -- as this will undoubtedly be the biggest one on Sunday. Greg Hardy, regardless of how you feel about his actions, is a beast defensive end. He has the ability to disrupt the quarterback's pocket consistently - and could end up being a real thorn in Russell's side come Sunday. Hardy has three sacks on the year and will be looking to add to that number come Sunday.

Whether Hardy's rushing from the offensive left or right, Gilliam and the left tackle who plays this week will have to hold up and have a decent performance in both pass protection and the run game if the Seahawks offense wants to produce anything. He'll have to hold the pocket for Russ if Seattle wants to produce anything in the passing game. Protect my boy, Russ....please.

Marshawn Lynch vs. the Dallas run defense

Lynch is the key to this game.

Let me say that again: Lynch is the key to this game.

But then again -- when is Lynch not the key to the game? Either way, I'm feeling a big game for Lynch on Sunday. Dallas' run defense has been a liability in the past, and Seattle will look to exploit it.

Seattle will have to run the ball effectively and consistently throughout the entire game if they plan to beat the Cowboys. Staying on the field and limiting any opportunities for Dez Bryant to make plays (if he ends up playing) will be key.