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Seahawks-Lions Final Score: 3 key takeaways from Seattle's win over Detroit

In a game that ended up far more difficult than it should have been, Seattle's defense held strong.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks came away with a 13-10 victory in what was a "more thrilling than it sounds" victory on Monday Night Football. It was a game marred by ineffective offensive line play on both sides, a few timely offensive outbursts and some gargantuan defensive plays.

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After a first quarter that seemed to be over after about 10 minutes, the Seahawks were able to do something they hadn't yet done this season -- score an offensive touchdown in the first half. After some wizardry from Russell Wilson (more on that soon), he and Doug Baldwin connected in the back of the end zone for what would end up being the game's only touchdown scored by either team's offense. From there on, the Seahawks were cruising along with what felt like a comfortable lead, despite only being a 10 point advantage.

Momentum quickly shifted to the Lions, after a Russell Wilson fumble led to a scoop and score, and the Seahawks went three-and-out on their next possession. Matt Stafford marched his team right down the field in the closing minutes of the game, and seemed to be primed to put his team ahead inside of the two minute warning. He easily hit Calvin Johnson over the middle, and Johnson raced towards the end zone. With defenders draped all over him, he reached to extend the ball across the goal line, when Kam Chancellor punched his mighty fist of justice through the air, dislodging the ball from Megatron's clutches. KJ Wright tapped the ball out of the back of the end zone (Which should have been penalized! Yikes!), and Seattle picked up the one needed first down before sealing the win with the victory formation.

Key Plays

1. Russell Wilson is a real life magician.

When the Seahawks offense was struggling to put things together in the first half, Russell Wilson looked like he was about to be sacked for a big loss. Instead, he did this. It's hard to describe this man's abilities with mere, mortal words.

2. Jon Ryan is to footballs, as Kam Chancellor is to ball carriers.

Jon Ryan has been a field-changing weapon for the Seahawks for some time now, but this punt in the fourth quarter on Monday was a beauty. Granted, it never should have been fielded, but still, what an effort from the most nationally underrated special teamer out there. Had he not kicked the life out of this football, the Lions may have been able to start their extended fourth quarter drive sooner, and had a better opportunity to get the ball back.


He's back, guys. What an incredible play to knock the ball away before one of the very best players in the NFL could cross the goal line.

Key Stats

-Detroit Rushing Yards: 53

The Seahawk defense looked dominant on Monday night, and it started with their run stuffing. Despite missing Brandon Mebane, Ameer Abdullah and company weren't able to get anything going against Seattle, and left the Lions' offense extremely one-dimensional.

Russell Wilson: 20/26, 287 yards, 1 TD, 10 rushes for 40 yards

This is basically the most Russell Wilson-line of all time, and more often than not, this type of performance from him will lead to more points on the board. There's also the absence of Marshawn Lynch to consider. All in all though, this is what the Seahawks want to see from Wilson.

Tyler Lockett: 4 catches, 58 yards

Seahawks fans have been clamoring to see more of Tyler Lockett with the offense, and their demands were met on Monday night. While they are clearly still breaking him into the offense (as this staff is want to do with receivers), he showed that he's ready to take on more and more each week. It was especially encouraging to see Bevell's extremely will-timed screen call to Lockett late in the third quarter.

Quick Hitters

-- Russell Wilson found Doug Baldwin for the most "Wilson to Baldwin" touchdown ever.

Seriously, how many times have we seen this exact play?

-- Matt Stafford SCARED

-- Fred Jackson left this one early in the third quarter after getting his ankle rolled up on. There isn't word yet on how serious of an injury it is (he was seen hopping up and down and walking around on the sideline), but Jackson at anything less than 100% is bad news for the Seahawks with the current state of their running back corps.

-- Thomas Rawls is a solid backup running back, but that's all he's really suited to be at this point. Sure, the offensive line didn't do him many favors on Monday, but the Lions were very clearly not afraid of Rawls, at all. As if getting Marshawn back wasn't enough of a necessity already.

-- Jermaine Kearse looks really slow.

-- From the sound of it, Jimmy Graham was being covered pretty tightly for most of the night, but it seemed like when Russell really wanted to get it to him, he was able to.

-- Kam Chancellor: Devourer of Souls

Kam Chancellor's absence wasn't the only flaw in the Seahawk defense over the first few weeks of the season, but there's no doubting that his return to the lineup has brought back some of their swagger. They seem to be hitting harder and playing faster with number 31 back out there. And as we all know, hard hits are Kam's speciality. (Also- check out Golden Tate's reaction)

-- The offensive line is just plain bad at this point. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that they have to deal with a quarterback who moves around in the pocket more than any other, but on Monday night, he was moving around because they couldn't block for him. Tom Cable has a lot of great qualities as a coach, but this line he's attempted to build from spare parts and converted players is simply overmatched at the moment.

-- Michael Bennett is a treasure (turn your sound on)

What it Means

The Seahawks' win over the Lions means that Seattle is now tied with St. Louis for second place in the NFC West, following the Rams' win over the Cardinals. It's still too early to get carried away looking at the standings, but that doesn't mean that staying close to the division lead at this point isn't important.

With their first of two dates with the Cardinals still more than a month away, it's important that the Seahawks continue their winning ways leading up to that showdown with Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and friends.

Up next, Seattle heads to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals, who have stormed out to a 4-0 start this year, thanks to wins over Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore and Kansas City.