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Seahawks bat Lions 13-10: Instant reaction show

Well, that was certainly a game that happened. The Seahawks were fortunate enough to be on the side of it that allows them to continue the defense of their reign as NFC Champions, while the Lions continue to ponder what made them "The Lovable Loser Lions" in the first place and how to put an end to their systematic reign of self-inflicted terror.

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Seattle won 13-10 with the defense holding Detroit to practically no offense on their first nine drives until a 90-yard drive was seemingly about to give the Lions a four-point lead with less than two minutes to go when Kam Chancellor knocked the ball out of Calvin Johnson's hands less than a yard from payola. The ball then traveled out of the back of the end zone with practically no help from KJ Wright, or so I'm told.

On today's Instant Reaction show from myself and Danny Kelly, we talk about this play, give our DK and KA Players of the Day, talk about the performances of Russell Wilson, the offensive line, and Thomas Rawls, plus much more. Please subscribe on iTunes, tell your best friends, and even your worst enemies.