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Seahawks beat Lions: Pete Carroll, Kam Chancellor, Russell Wilson react

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and Kam Chancellor talked to the media after the Seahawks' 13-10 win over the Lions. Here are some notes on what was said.

Pete Carroll:


  • Very unique situation about the call in the end zone. Great night of battling, crazy night of football. Uncharacteristic the ball getting away from us. We overcame a lot. Crowd was great. Thrilled to get 2-2. Got a couple guys banged up.

  • Very unique situation in the end zone, very rare situation. They could challenge whether it was intentional or not. Unfortunate for their sake that the officials didn't know.

  • We are fortunate.

  • Really pleased that we are battling and finding our way, but we are still a work in progress. 6 sacks, all those negative yards, we have issues we need to take care of. We had snaps that weren't clean and that hurt us, we need to fix that. Loved the way we played tonight. The intensity and effort was across the board.

  • Not as good as we need it to be (O-line), need to help those guys more, find out as we look again this week.

  • Marshawn ran well in pre-game but they didn't feel he could sustain the whole game. Hope is he is good to go against the Bengals.

  • Marcus Burley broke his thumb, will have to see what that means.

  • Ricardo Lockette got sick tonight during the game

  • Fred Jackson sprained his ankle, don't know what that means.

  • Tells guys to recover in KJ Wright situation.

  • Don't know if they could have challenged that.

  • Hope you guys will pick up how unique the guys are, Will Tukuafu playing FB, TE, and D-line. Doesn't think there is anybody in the league doing that. DeShawn Shead did a nice job for us in the nickel with Burley injured.

  • Drew Nowak snaps are lumps you have to deal with. He is a lefty (shrugs). He will get better. Sometimes these hard lessons help us.

  • Go back to work and figure it out, build these guys and fit together (when asked if he will stick with these 5 guys).

Kam Chancellor:


  • Played hard as a team, but that force fumble at the end, attacked it and punched it.

  • Took forever for the ball to roll out.

  • Didn't see what happened with KJ and didn't know anything about the rule.

  • They teach you to tuck the ball tight and I saw it wasn't and so I punched it.

  • Felt Megatron was coming, made the legal hit. Felt great to get the hit.

  • The play he gave up he didn't see on tape before.

  • Felt like he was back last week (not the hit tonight). Felt back when he first walked on the field.

  • Once i got back on that field it is all about moving forward.

  • We fight to the end, we are brothers, it is never over, exactly what this team stands for.

  • Playing pretty decent, have a lot of things to clean up on, small fundamental things, we will sharpen it up. We hope to keep teams to 0. Got penalties and can't get those.

  • We have a turnover circuit in practice. Strip, punch the ball out, catch interceptions.

  • If I see the ball i'd recover it, but we haven't really talked about that situation, doesn't happen often.

Russell Wilson:


  • Guys made plays tonight, guys showing up all over the field. So many different guys made plays tonight. I have to do a better job, my awareness has to be better. But the fight we showed as a team was phenomenal. It was fun to play tonight.

  • Those were my fault, should have handed the first one off. Didn't realize the guy was behind me on the second one. Happy medium, try to extend the play and make the play but there are risks.

  • It's good to have Kam back.

  • Honestly I didn't even see that part. Play Kam made was awesome that is what I saw.

  • If I don't fumble the football it's a completely different game. I think I slowed us down more than anything else. "I gave them a chance to come back,"-- Russell Wilson on his mistakes almost costing the Hawks.

  • We made some great plays, we want to be explosive, we had some situations with big plays available.

  • Not having Marshawn, you always want to have him present. Think Rawls did a good job, Jackson has some nice plays tonight.

  • "Go Hawks!"

Relevant Tweets:

  • @bcondotta: Okung says communication errors at heart of problems tonight. Says Detroit had a couple things they hadn't seen before.

  • KJ wright says he didn't know batting ball was illegal.

  • Michael Bennett interrupted to tell Wright "you made a smart ass play."

  • Wright said he batted it because he didn't want to screw up trying to jump on it and having it get away.

  • @gbellseattle: Pete Carroll told K.J. Wright in locker room to just try to recover the fumble in end zone.

  • @Softykjr: "Thankful for the win, but extremely frustrating offensively. We put our defense in some bad situations"- Baldwin.

  • Marcus Burley broke his thumb in 2nd quarter. Has big cast on right hand. Doesn't know if he can play with it. Find out more tomorrow.

  • @JasonPuckett20: Drew Nowak on the bad snaps: "that's not gonna happen again."

  • Nowak answered every question about line struggles with veteran maturity. Took ownership of the lines poor play.

  • @Curtis_Crabtree: K.J. Wright said he didn't know the rule and was definitely trying to knock the ball out of the end zone.

  • Michael Bennett on his injury: "My leg hurt but I got up like a G. I feel good."

  • Tweet: Tate's "Fail Mary", Romo fumble, and tonights "KJ Bat-gate" all in the same corner of the north end zone at C-Link.

  • @DavisHsuSeattle: Lockett says on Punt Return you should not catch it on the run vs Kick Return (talking about his fumble)