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3000 NFL Mock Draft Podcast: Dan Kadar reveals his latest 2016 mock draft

Why Fournette won't sit out a season and much, much more.

This week on 3000 NFL Mock Draft, Rob Staton and I spoke to SB Nation's own draft expert Dan Kadar. (aka @mockingthedraft)

As Rob points out on the show, Dan is a pioneer in NFL mock draft blogs with his site Mocking the Draft, that is now hosted on SB Nation. On the podcast, Dan goes into depth about his latest mock draft, which was just released on Tuesday and features Cal's Jared Goff going number one to the Chicago Bears.

We spend the hour talking about this week in NCAA football (TWINCAAF), Leonard Fournette, the mock draft, where Dan and Rob differ greatly on a few prospects, and towards the end, Dan left open the 30th spot for the Seahawks so that Rob and I could give our thoughts on who we thought should go there.

You can read Dan's entire Mock Draft right here. Please subscribe to 3000 NFL Mock Draft on iTunes and give us a five-star rating. You can give your own thoughts on who the Seahawks should have taken in this scenario in the comments below.