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VIDEO: Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell, Richard Sherman press conferences

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Watch and listen.

(From Tuesday) Morning Review with Coach Carroll - Seahawks vs Lions | Seattle Seahawks
Tony Ventrella talks with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll as he reviews the Monday Night Football matchup vs the Lions.

Pete Carroll Week 5 Wednesday Press Conference | Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll gears up for this Sundays game at Cincinnati, and reviews last weeks game and what the offensive line needs to improve on.

Darrell Bevell Week 5 Press Conference | Seattle Seahawks
Darrell Bevell speaks to the press about his excitement with the Seahawks last game vs the Lions, and the improvements that need to be made for the Sunday's game at Cincinnati.

Richard Sherman Week 5 Press Conference | Seattle Seahawks
Richard Sherman looks forward to this Sunday's game vs Cincinnati, and reviews some of their big players. Sherman also comments on his honesty and people's interpretations of it.