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Seahawks Cigar Thoughts 'Cast, Week 5

Jacson, Brent, and Matt are back to talk about the Seahawks' wild win over the Lions, Kam's game-saving forced fumble that everybody is freaking out about, and an earnest discussion over whether Seattle can beat the Bengals in Cincinnati next week.

Hammer time.
Hammer time.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We're back again. Brent (Editor in Chief of What's Up magazine) and Matt (former All-Conference and National Championship-winning offensive lineman at Pacific Lutheran University) join me at the Grand Ave Alehouse in Bellingham to chop up last week's game as well as anticipating the 'Hawks big matchup against the Bengals on Sunday. Some highlights:

*Matt's breakdown of the O-line's, well, breakdown
*Is the offense broken? If so, can it be fixed?
*Are they using Jimmy Graham correctly
*An examination of how Seattle's defense has changed with the return of Kam Chancellor
*Can the Seahawks win an early road game on a short week against an undefeated Bengals team?

All of that and more is here amidst the bustle of the bar. Enjoy!

A big thanks to the Grand Ave Alehouse for hosting and letting us do our show amongst the people. Cheers!

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