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Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas press conference notes

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas talked to reporters this afternoon. Here are some notes (and links to video) on what was said. First published on Reddit.

Russell Wilson:

Video Link

  • There is a balance between a hot read and trying to make a play happen by scrambling. Key is to not play scared, play smart.

  • Russell takes care of his body, feels 100%. Would have played tennis if he didn't want to get hit.

  • When you practice the way we practice, the detail that goes into it, there isn't a pressure to be perfect but an expectation to be great. When you expect that much practice and volume and value into the way you prepare, there is only one option; to continue winning and finding ways to win.

  • Wilson on identifying blitzes: "A lot of it is on me. We can all do a better job.''

Earl Thomas:

Video Link

  • The defense just getting better every week. Every year we are going to get better, every year we aren't going to be the same player we were prior.

  • Watching the Bengals, watching them play a similar defense (Raiders) they made a lot of explosive plays, especially on the FS.

  • Earl understands what they (Bengals) are trying to do, it is exciting for Earl because he can try to make a play.

  • Just closed his eyes and went low on the tackle on Calvin. Thought he caused the ball coming out was because of him, learned it was because of Kam. Isn't scared to say publicly he closes his eyes when he hits.

  • Definitely looks like Kam is back 100%. The one thing I missed the most was the crossing route from Megatron and Kam popping him. It breathed life into the defense. It energizes everybody.

  • Think the Bengals are a mixture of Philly and a few teams we have played in the past.

  • Everybody on defense is impressing Earl. Bobby is going to have another pro-bowl season.

  • Didn't know the Seahawks were the under-dog against the Bengals. Says he stays in his house.

  • From OTA's to now there has been a BIG leap for Cary. They have actually been going after Sherman more than him, must be a respect factor there.

  • We know INT's are going to come in bunches, but we have a great defense, we are good on first, second and third downs. We had 6 opportunities against the Lions, they will come our way.

  • Earl is so confident in what he is doing, but if he messes up it is a great teacher for him to see if he can adjust and fix what he did wrong.