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Seahawks 3rd Down Notebook: Week 4, Detroit Lions

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks improved in their 3rd down performance against the Lions, going 6 of 13 (46.2%) in those situations. The Seahawks median down and distance for the game was a manageable 5 yards. The Seahawks are now 39% on 3rd down on the season -- good for 17th in the NFL.


Third and short

Against the Lions, Seattle went 2-of-3 on 3rd and short (1 or 2 yards to go). For the season, I have the Seahawks at 71% from this range (12-of-17), which is pretty good.

Third and long(ish)

Seattle has been more successful than I realized on 3rd down and 7-to-15 yards to go, where they are 8 of 14 (57%) from this distance. This a bit surprising for the season. In the Lions game, Seattle went 3-of-3 on 3rd down from 7-15 yards to go, which, again, is not bad.

Third and mid-range

The hole in the armor for Seattle is 3rd down and 3-to-6 yards to go. Seattle is a miserable 5-of-21 from this distance (24%) for the season, and this should be a key focus for the offense going forward. Against the Lions, Seattle was only 1-of-5 from this distance, the only conversion being an early 3rd-and-4 scramble by Russell Wilson. The other failures from this distance included:

3rd and 5: incomplete to Fred Jackson (Russell Wilson scrambled around and tried to hit Jackson late on the sideline).

3rd and 5: Incomplete to Tyler Lockett -- this was on a quick little out route.

3rd and 3: Incomplete to Luke Willson

3rd and 4: Sack and fumble for defensive TD


Seattle did convert four 3rd downs of note in my book:

3rd and 12: Wilson scrambles and hits Jermaine Kearse for 34 yards-

3rd and 11: Wilson hits Tyler Lockett over the middle for 15 yards- (Early 3rd Quarter)

3rd and 7: Wilson hits Graham for 13 yards

3rd and 2: The Game Sealer- Wilson runs right and then hits Kearse for 50 yards

Attached is the Chart: