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Pete Carroll still noncommittal on Marshawn Lynch playing vs. Bengals

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Pete Carroll joined Dori Monson on KIRO Radio/710ESPN Seattle this morning to give an update on Marshawn Lynch's status and to talk a little bit about the Seahawks upcoming game against the Bengals.

From Monson and Carroll (via, Marshawn's status is still up in the air.

"He's working at it," Carroll said. "He got a little bit of work on Thursday at practice and got a chance to run around a little bit. He's really close, but it's a hamstring that's been strained, so it takes a couple weeks for that to really be gone. So the question is whether or not he'd be durable enough to play in a game and maintain and that's what the trainers will figure out by game-time, or before we take off."

Carroll also talked about what other teams might think about the Seahawks as they go into this week's game.

"I would think that our opposition is really happy to see that Marshawn isn't playing when he's not playing," Carroll said. "I think that's maybe the biggest factor. They're probably waiting too to see where's this running game going to come from because it hasn't really been the one that we want yet. Russell's doing very well, our receivers are doing well, everybody's catching the ball well and they're getting open and doing nice stuff, but I think they're hoping they can keep us - we were the most explosive team in the NFL last year on offense and we're not there right now, so I think that they're probably hoping that we're not going to get a whole lot better. I really think we are though. I think we'll improve a tremendous amount here as we get into the second quarter of the season."