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Seahawks-Cowboys Final Score: 3 takeaways from Seattle's win over Dallas

The Hawks escape Dallas with the victory.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It was ugly at times, but the Seahawks defeated the Cowboys by a final of 13-12 to move to 4-4 on the season. The Seahawks offense remained inconsistent, but turned it on when they needed to. Games against the Cowboys are always tough, and Sunday was no exception.

After trading field goals to start this one, both teams offenses were shut out by the defenses until Wilson was able to find Willson for what would prove to be the only touchdown of the game. The Hawks defense had their shining moment when they were able to keep the Cowboys out of the end zone, after a Greg Hardy interception gave Cassel and the offense a very short field to work with.

With the ball on their own 15 yard-line and 5:35 to go, the Seattle offense put up its most impressive drive of the game, thanks to Wilson scrambles, precision passes, just enough Marshawn Lynch and a whole lotta Steven Hauschka. The Hawks were forced to give the ball to Dallas one last time, but were able to shut America's Team down easily, and walk out of Dallas with the win.

The defense was the key in this one, but Russell Wilson and the offense did what they needed to do to win this one on their side of the ball, as well. They'll need to continue to find ways to improve with the Cardinals game looming in two weeks, but this team is still as dangerous as any other in the NFL.

Key Plays

1. Love our brothers.

Richardo Lockette took a huge hit and was down on the ground motionless for several minutes. Thankfully, it sounds as if his injuries are far less severe than first thought.

2. Wilson to Willson.

It may not have been much when you look at the play in a vacuum, but this touchdown ended up being the difference in a game that was field goal-dependent, otherwise.

3. Hustle. Wilson.

The most important play on the most important drive of the game allowed Seattle to burn more clock, and make it virtually impossible for Dallas to come back. It also gave Hauschka and even shorter field goal attempt to put the team ahead.

Also, do defenses really not understand that Wilson is fast enough to get outside of them by this point? Byron Jones took a terrible route to get to him, and allowed him to have space to stretch out for that critical first down.

Key Stats

Dallas Passing Yards: 91

Yeah, it was Matt Cassel. But wow.

Richard Sherman: 3 passes defended

Sherman was a beast against the Cowboys, and specifically against Dez Bryant. Even hobbled, Bryant is one of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL, and Sherman was his usual dominant self for most of the day.

Darren McFadden total yards: 115

The Seahawks have fallen victim to running backs so far this year, and while McFadden didn't hurt them on the ground as much as past opponents, he certainly hurt them through the air in this one.

Bonus Key Stat- Times Russell Wilson was sacked: 0

Didn't see that one coming.

Quick Hitters

-Christine Michael back!

Rooting for Christine Michael to succeed with the Seahawks may have been one of the most maddeningly frustrating experiences in recent memory, but he was still a Hawk and still represented this city. So it was cool to see him share a moment with his former teammate.

-La'el Collins is a freak. Just a brutal destruction of two of the best defensive players in the league.

-The Seahawks defense was money on Sunday. Sure, it was a Matt Cassel-led Cowboys offense, but this was still a big-time performance for Kris Richard's unit.

-As a Penn State and Seahawks, I was personally really excited about the prospects of that Jordan Hill "touchdown" standing because of the, ahem, questionable refereeing abilities of this officiating team today. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Apparently this was an incomplete pass, not a catch and a fumble.

If anyone can figure out what a catch really is, you are hereby directed to report to work for the NFL on Monday morning.

What it Means

With the win, the Seahawks move to 4-4 on the season. Which is good, because the Arizona Cardinals have decided that they're not huge fans of the whole "losing" thing. The Hawks currently sit in third place in the division (Cardinals: 6-2, Rams: 4-3), but seem to be getting better the further into the season we get.

The Hawks get some well-deserved rest and relaxation next weekend, but then they face the Cardinals out of the bye. That game will go a long way to determining how the NFC West will play out this season, but will also give the Seahawks a very good barometer of where they truly are as a team at that point.